July 28, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons, Your Blogging Suffers - BUT You Also Get Lemonade!

 Nothing to Disclose

Hello my loves! I feel like we haven't had a heart to heart in a bit, so here I am with some updates on the more personal side of things complete with Very Important Adventure Time GIFs to help express all the feels. As you may have noticed, I haven't managed to post as frequently the past month or two as I normally do - and that's for a variety of smaller reasons that add up to that pesky 'real life' that gets in the way of the super, fun, glittery internet life this blog leads. It's really not so bad! It's just been all at the same time and sometimes it's nice to get ~personal~ ya know? 

First, I have a new job! I started working as a visual merchandiser for a large (super massive) home goods store in June and it is incredibly fun and incredibly tiring!! As a VM I'm responsible for the displays of products, so I'm a busy bee running around safely walking around the store with a huge ladder, tool cart + drill securing things to shelves, walls, and ceilings. I love work! But it doesn't leave a lot of time for checking the interwebs or reading blogs during the day (since I'm not at a desk with a computer), and often times I fall asleep embarrassingly early before I manage to get any blog-realted things done in the evening. However, I'm working on my time management and should have things running smoothly around here soon!

Second, my household is now sadly minus a precious guinea pig. My favorite piggie, Sabi, (shame on me for playing favorites, I know) was very sick for about a month and regardless of the multiple expensive vet visits and various medicines, she continued to decline. We finally had to say goodbye to her on July 11th. I miss her tiny little furry presence because the cage and the house isn't the same without her :( We do still have two very healthy pigs left, tho! So now they get a little extra love. What's next on the pet front? I'm not sure! I sort of want to get another piggly wiggly to make it the terrific trio again, but I could also be easily convinced that I should start saving my pennies for a puppy dog because I love dogs. For now we're content.

Third, what's up with cars needing so many repairs?! Almost every week lately there's a new car issue for me! Yesterday the air conditioning simply stopped working and the issue is not a lack of freon (we checked) so that's going to be uncomfortable for awhile in the middle of the summer in Miami [*cat crying emoji* *flame emoji* *skull emoji*]

For the past two months I've been balancing car repairs, vet visits, and general exhaustion and physical body soreness from work. But things are looking up! Work is easier know that I know the ropes a little better (and my body has adjusted to the many flights of stairs and lugging ladders around; yes I realize I sound like a wimp). Luckily my nails have survived work incredibly well - only a few minor corners broken off here and there on my right hand (the one y'all never really see). SO I'm looking forward to producing fresh content on a consistent basis again!!

I have also been contemplating switching over to WordPress because I like the control that comes with it for authors in terms of plugins, etc. If you have any advice - specifically about hosting (super specifically about which hosting service you chose and why and how much $$ it is) - please share in the comments or hit me up on one of my various messaging-style social medias (i.e. DM me on Twitter, msg me on Facebook or Tumblr, or shoot me an email)

My question to you, dear sweet, beautiful readers, is this: would you prefer new posts on Monday-Wednesday-Friday OR Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday OR Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday ORRRRRRR Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday? I'm waffling more between MWF and TTS, but I'd love for you to let me know which days you usually read blogs so that I can be one of the blogs you read ;) In a perfect world I would be able to post more than 3x a week but sadly in this one,

So, share whatever you'd like to with me in the comments! Maybe something cool happened to you lately and you wanted to talk about it? I know we all have a life beyond our nails and our computers!

And please do let me know if you have any preference in terms of days you read blogs. THANKS! You're the best!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear lots of things coming at you all at once but glad to hear things are getting better. About posting schedule, it doesn't really matter to me what days the posts go up cause I don't normally remember what day it is when I get up anyway lol

  2. Glad to hear that your life is getting less stressful, and that you'll be able to return to posting regularly!
    I really have no preference about when you post X

  3. Its great to hear about what's happening in your personal life. It sounds like your very busy but its nice to hear your trying to figure a way to balance it with your blogging.

  4. I'm happy to hear that you're still planning to blog, despite all the interruptions. I'm with the others in that I don't have a preference for which days you post, but if you need to make a schedule for yourself, please do so - but make one that works for you! :)

  5. I'm sorry about your pet :( But congratulations on the job! x

  6. first of all, I'm sorry for loss and happy you have a job you really like! even though there were sad news in your post, I appreciate it that you share this with us! you are right that everyone has a life behind the blog or computer, and its nice to give us a bit insight!
    I would recommend the TTS version, because if you do your nails on Saturday, there is enough time to edit the pics, write the post and you may have some spare time for things you like to do! I personally like it, when I have a good manicure and don't have to think about something new for some days!
    I really wish for you that everything is getting better and thanks for sharing! 😊

  7. Avoid hostpapa like the plague. And heart is useless if you want to use anything based on cron jobs, like scheduled posts.

  8. Yay for feeling like nail art/blogging again! Your talent & smile (behind the words) has been missed, however very glad you're working on balance not burn out. so sorry for your loss, too. Congrats on new job, hopefully the car is happy now. and anydays you want to post, will read (sorry don't always comment). :)

  9. Aww yay, I'm glad that you're going to be back to blogging. I can't wait to see what you'll come up with! I've also been thinking about switching over to WordPress but have absolutely no idea where to start. Good luck with it!

  10. So sorry about Sabi! I totally understand trying to balance a new job with a blog, I'm still struggling! :) I'm happy with whatever schedule you decide, just as long as we get to see you and your posts! Don't put too much stress into it. We will love you if you only did one post a week (would miss you though!) Hugs!


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