May 2, 2014

Friday Five: Copper Capades

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Hello my adorable chickadees! I have been feeling lots of ~feelings~ lately about blogging and my lack there of. I've been so busy (and blessed) with normal life away from the laptop including lots of friends coming to visit (and the necessary cleaning that goes with that), working out at the gym in our lobby more frequently (I mean we pay for it, might as well use it, amirite?), reading books (mostly young adult, but books are books, yo!), feverishly applying for jobs (ugh, so stress), and obsessing over home decor since this new-ish Miami apartment is so bare compared to the colorful duplex we left behind in Atlanta. Anyhoo, I figured why not do a fun lil series on Fridays called 'Friday Fives' where I can share a list of five of whatever I want?!

Today I'm sharing 5 fun copper-themed things with you - beauty and otherwise. Copper has been slowly creeping into every facet of life lately, at least internet popularity wise (I'm totally looking at you, Pinterest). The warm, reddish hue is inviting, a lil comfy, and totally lovely all year round AND in every application - eyeshadows, nail polishes, jewelry, light fixtures, etc. 

Friday Five: Copper Capades - 5 Copper Things I'm Obsessed With (Beauty + Home Decor) |

  1. Assembly Home Paperclip Desk Lamp ($69) - I'm really loving the little peek of metallic on the inside of the lampshade with this desk lamp! This is a great way to get a little trendy while making a sound purchase that you won't want to replace in less than a year. Plus isn't matte black so chic on the outside to contrast the shade? Yum!

  2. Magazine Holder - Copper Desk Collection ($32) - I haven't seen this in person so you know, this is internet window shopping at it's best. Wouldn't this add such a glitzy touch in an otherwise blah row of similar magazine/document holders? I mean, yes, sometimes I'm like "Look at all these things I got at Ikea for like ten cents!!!" but then sometimes I'm also like "An iron magazine holder that's copperplated would definitely clue everyone in to how much of an elegant adult I am." Right? Right...

  3. Essie Penny Talk ($8.50) - The Essie Mirror Metallics can be a little streaky if you don't use a ridge filling base coat, but they are especially wonderful for stamping. Love love the color of this polish as there's no mistaking it for a brassy gold - it's definitely the color of a penny :D See it in action in this metallic gradient stamping mani

  4. Urban Decay Naked 3 ($54) - Mmkay so I'm still torn on this palette; I feel like the pigmentation isn't quite the same as what I've come to expect from other UD eyeshadows and palettes BUT! It is super crazy pretty! I bought it mostly for the brown shadows on the right side of the palette, and those perform fantastically and look beautiful with my coloring without being too warm and brassy (or also know as "orange-y"). I would probably recommend a different neutral palette if as a basic staple, but if you were looking for a gorgeous on-trend palette to supplement your collection I deffo give this thumbs up

  5. Carlisle Dining Chair set of 2 ($99) - I am so obsessed with these chairs!! I want to put them in all the rooms of my apartment. I want more dining tables to put these chairs at. There are even some adorable barstools from the same line (and lots of color choices). Love 'em. I think they would be perfect on a patio, don't you agree? 

Now that I am finally on the copper bandwagon I wonder if it will suddenly fall out of trend?! How about you - are you loving copper right now, too?

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  1. I love copper, trendy or not :o) so it's nice, when it's in trend, so I can stock up. A long time I preferred copper to silver or gold. It's such a gorgeous metal and colour ^^ I won't go mad and buy everything copper in sight though... i like it in colour combos like with green and purple :-)

    1. I agree!! It's nice to be able to take your pick of products when it's in trend. I love how easy it is to find rose gold jewelry right now :D

  2. Nice copper colored products!

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! Are you loving the copper trend right now, too?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Marieta! Are you enjoying the copper trend lately, too?!


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