March 4, 2014

Three MORE Basic Nail Care Tips!

Three More Basic Nail Care Tips: Super Easy Ways to Have Healthier Nails! |
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Last week I wrote a fun post with three tips on how to have healthy nails - Basic Nail Care Tips Part One if you will (you should go read it here, then come right on back to this post!). I enjoyed writing that post so much AND it seemed to be really fun for y'all to read, too. So today I am back with THREE MORE GREAT basic nail care tips!

Three More Ways to Have Healthy Nails*

*A guide from a normal human lady, and not a person that is a professionally trained nail technician. These tips are mostly common sense style and should be both entertaining and actually helpful :)

Three More Basic Nail Care Tips: Super Easy Ways to Have Healthier Nails! |
from my Anime nail art post

#1 - Are your nails are trying to tell you something?!

Sometimes it seems like your nails are yelling at you, and you're not listening (or maybe that's just me?). If you're dead set on keeping your nails in a square shape, but the corners of your nails snap off frequently then a) you're probably flailing too much + not moisturizing enough (read more about that in Basic Nail Care Tips Pt. 1) and b) not really listening to what your nails want you to hear. 

Tip: Your chosen nail shape is too hard to maintain at the length you want? Why not switch the shape up! Squares with broken corners can easily become beautiful squovals or rounded nails without losing length.

Three More Basic Nail Care Tips: Super Easy Ways to Have Healthier Nails! |
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#2 - Skip the alcohol* - at least on your hands!

*And especially if you're below the drinking age in whatever country you're in.

Listen, I'm not here to judge what you do on your own time when it comes to fancy adult beverages. But I am here to tell you to stop putting alcohol on your hands! You might be all "But Emma, I am most definitely not pouring alcohol on my hands every day!" and to that I say "Are you sure?". 

Tip: Make sure you're checking the ingredients of products - especially hand soaps and lotions.

Three More Basic Nail Care Tips: Super Easy Ways to Have Healthier Nails! |
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#3 - Give me Moderately Warm Water, or Give Me Death!

Luckily I live wayyyy too far south to be stuck in the Polar Vortex this year, but this tip goes out to all my friends suffering through the frigid cold. Hot water feels like the only almost-free luxury when you're wearing like 4 layers of clothing and a blanket and it's a beautiful 5 degrees outside BUT hot water zaps the moisture out of your hot bod! 

Tip: Use warm, not super hot, water when washing your hands (or your hair and body)! It's much less damaging and you won't have to spend as much time or $ on products to put back all the moisture you just stripped away.

BONUS TIP: Pat it Down

I feel like this is common sense, but it never hurts to remember: after you've used your moderately warm, but not hot, water - pat dry instead of roughly smooshing, squeezing, rubbing with a towel. There's probably a lot of actual worse things in life, but roughly rubbing your hands dry after using too-hot water while washing your hands in winter (also a tongue twister to try when you are bored, you are welcome) feels like you're giving yourself an Indian rug burn. No thanks, self. No thanks.

Tip: Gently pat dry with a towel, instead of being rough on yourself. Unrelated to adorable sloth gif, but the sloth has a towel so at least we're on topic!

Special thanks to Bee of Bee Polished for reminding me of tips #2 and #3. She is an awesome blogger and trained nail profesh so I love when she share her nuggets of knowledge with me!


  1. Holy crap, you're hilarious! These are helpful tips and you had me cracking up! Love it! I will now proceed to share this post everywhere.

  2. Great tips! This was super fun to read.

  3. Great tips again. :) I'd be happy to do #3 on a regular basis but all my work places throughout the week (I'm a freelance music teacher) have frigid cold water in the bathrooms. Like ice water. It's only so-so nice in summer and unbearable in winter. No bueno!

  4. Great info! All those nicely scented hand sanitizers we love are a very likely culprit for alcohol too, & in the winter I think we all overindulge in attempt to avoid sick germs.


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