January 1, 2014

YOUR Favorite Manicurity Posts from 2013

Just a quick little recap of some of the 'best of' Manicurity posts from the past year. These top three posts were 'voted' on by y'all through your clicks (i.e. these are most popular by sheer pageview statistics). I'm a little shocked by the #2 popular post, maybe you will be, too?!

#3 - my summer-time post about the magical and often wondered about unicorn of a coupon - the 20% off anything coupon that came out in July. These coupons come out 'randomly' and actually include things you want to get savings shaved off of - those bloody 'prestige' brands!! [And by 'randomly' I assume these coupons have to do with boosting the ends of quarterly sales numbers of the Ulta corporation, but whatever, this is not a consumerism critique blog]. Click here to read the original post because it includes a fun list of 8 of My Holy Grail recommendations available at Ulta!

#2 - Is sort of a surprise to me! I so wish I had done better photos - or rather, photos in a better room that doesn't have highlighter yellow walls (I don't really miss those yellow walls too much now that I've moved... *wink*) Anyhoo, my DIY Brush Scrubber Board was a popular post since it is a crafty "dupe" (I say that with massive air quote motions) of the Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove. Read the full post here!

*cue drum rolllllllllll*

#1 - the most popular post for this year by a landslide is THE STORAGE DEBATE! What really are the exact differences between a Helmer and Melmer?! I am so happy that this post has stayed relevant and helpful to the community. I know there's a new crop of polishaholics almost every single day, and I like to think (err, pretend?) that this post is helping y'all out. Read all the details about Helmers vs. Melmers here!

Was there a different memorable post you wish had made this list, or did I mention your favorite post?! Don't forget to check out MY Top 6 Posts from 2013 and Six More Favorite Posts from 2013 lists :D


  1. They were all great posts so awesome to see that they were faves among the readers :)

  2. Interesting entry... Please, could you follow me on my blog and google+?

  3. I remember the scubber board post, I was thinking about that recently and looked up those mitts, pricey.

    I added this comment on your post about Helmer vs Melmer:

    Melmer tip for bottom drawer noise:

    I can't remember what blog mentioned this, but you can get "adhesive felt feet" stickers to put on the bottom back corners of the bottom drawer of a Melmer, and no screechy noises. Thankfully I read this before I loaded up my first Melmer, and I'm up to two of them now. Both the bottom drawers are completely silent when I pull them out.

    Note: the blog that mentioned this did say that you only want to put the stickers on the back corners of the drawer. If you put them in all corners, the drawer won't line up/close properly in the front. I happened to have square felt stickers, so I flipped the bottom drawer over and stuck them to the back corners that touch the bottom of the Melmer. When the drawer is right side up, the stickers are felt side down and the drawer glides on those back corners, instead of dragging.


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