February 28, 2013

ABC: O is for Opposites Attract

Ah, finally - a magnetic polish is gracing my blog with its presence! I snagged Orly's Opposites Attract in the clearance section at Ulta a few months ago. This is not my first magnetic polish, but it is the first that I've done a full swatch of (and then blogged, versus playing around with it//showing it off as a party trick - srsly, people love it at parties for some reason!). I was really pleasantly surprised at the opacity (ONE COATER) and I loved the dark blue sparkly color it became once it was magnetized. The Orly magnetics were maybe the most expensive ones released that I know of and they had the different patterns sealed in wrapping to the bottle handle - a pro and a con because you can't switch the patterns or colors. I really wanted the weird curved c or x shape that this blue color came with, so it worked well for me!

with flash!!!

I did not use a magnet on my ring finger; I just wanted to show you what 1 coat of the polish alone looks like - a sort of frosty denim blue color. I used the curved C magnet that came with the polish on my pointer and two different magnets from the Rite-Aid brand polishes on my middle and pinkie. I did my middle nail first and did not keep the magnet steady long enough. The formula on this Orly magnetic was really great! While I like this color a lot, I'm not sure that I really love magnetics all that much. Did you hop on the magnetic trend? Are you wondering what to do with them now that you have them like I am...?

Don't forget to check out the other 'O' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! See you back here next Thursday for a 'P' polish!!

Argus Panoptes (wee bit pic heavy)

I did this crazy dotty nail art inspired by this dotty post from Dressed Up Nails. I knew her's had lots of layered dots, so I went to town layering as many concentric dots as possible over at my polish table without double checking her pattern; this is 'inspired by' not 'recreate that other amazing thing exactly'. Using the tiniest dotting tool point (the one that looks a little like a needle) I went back and added little black dots on top of most of my other dot patterns, and the end result makes me think of a thousand tiny eyeballs! My boyfriend told me this design reminds him of the Greek guardian Argus Panoptes an all-seeing god with one hundred eyes, hence the title.

I can't tell you how much I LOVE having this pattern on my nails! It does take a while to do so many dots, but it is really relaxing and fun. Plus dots are an easy pattern to do on both hands! My base color is Zoya Raven, then I used Jesse's Girl Girls Night Out (blue), Color Club Almost Famous (yellow), China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic (pink crelly), and Orly Pure Porcelain (a very light pinky-white). Somehow this color combo seems sort of retro to me. I used HK Girl over my base color, but I prefer not to top coat over dotty nail art because I like the ever-so-slightly raised texture.

This is a great example of some cool nail art you can do with the giveaway prize pack that I have going on right now! The only difference is that my pink polish is more of a crelly, and the pink in the prize is more of a creme. If you haven't entered the giveaway yet, check out the post + Rafflecopter widget here!

February 27, 2013

Groovy Gradient

Continuing with my CMYK week, I decided to do some gradients with my blue, yellow, and pink polishes! I had Girls Night Out on my base, so I went to town sponging on yellow and pink, which made green and purple, too! When I do gradients I like to wet the sponge before hand and then wring it out; I don't know if this actually does anything to help, but it feels like it helps while I'm sponging. Then I paint the colors directly on to my sponge, and make sure that a stroke or two overlap to make everything blend as seamlessly as possible.

Then I added some Hard Candy Matte-ly in Love matte top coat!

I used Scotch tape to tape my fingers off before sponging the colors on, which helped somewhat with clean-up but not my fave. I think I prefer swiping Vaseline all over for gradients and tape for watermarbles at this point! Also please keep in mind that when doing gradients it does take a lot of coats or rounds of sponging to get the colors as opaque as you'd like (maybe three times or more).

Have you done any fun gradients lately? What colors should I use next time?? 

Pssst. Don't forget the giveaway if you haven't entered yet! The polishes I used in this are are in the giveaway pack!! Check it out here.

February 26, 2013

Why CMYK? + Some Swatches

Right now I have some CMYK-themed polish in a large polish pack giveaway to celebrate 500 followers (canNOT believe I've made it to 650+ already!!). I wanted to show you swatches of most of the polishes in the giveaway because these are colors in my own stash that I use and love. I also wanted to briefly explain my love for CMYK, too!

First, 'Girls Night Out' from the LE Summer 2011 Jesse's Girl Julie G Collection stands in as my 'cyan'! This is two coats; it's sort of squishy and very translucent on the first coat, but the second coat makes it opaque easily. I don't think I've reviewed/swatched any of this brand before, but I love their bottles and brushes!! The flat, compat bottles fit so well in my Helmers and the brush is really nice and flat, too - but it's not terribly wide. The brush is like a baby OPI Pro-Wide and I really like the length of the handle. Yes, sort of random things to like or care about when purchasing polish, but definitely make the painting experience that much more fun!

M for Magenta in the giveaway prize is Sally Hansen Insta Dri Magenta Moves, but I don't have my own bottle of this to swatch. Surprisingly, I do not have a dupe for this hot pink in my stash!! China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic is more blue-toned, and OPI Kiss Me on my Tulips is lighter and brighter (it has a lot more white mixed in). I did use China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic as my stand in, tho, because it's most similar in color vibrancy (altho not in finish, it's more a crelly than a creme, but whatever). You can see the China Glaze Fuchsia Fanatic above in my skittle photo!

Color Club Almost Famous is my 'Y' and one of my favorite yellow polishes; it reminds me of a 'sunshine' yellow crayon. I really like the square bottle and I find this to be fairly easy to apply compared to other yellow polishes. The swatch below is 2 coats, one thin and then a second thicker one. Average polishers would probably do 3 thin coats :p

Finally, Zoya Raven stands for the 'K' in CMYK by being black! Raven has fine silver shimmer running through it; I don't find it to be obvious shimmer at all, but it does catch and reflect light nicely. And the formula for this polish is really lovely! I only needed one coat for this swatch.

The Hard Candy matte topcoat, Matte-ly in Love, is also included in the prize pack! I think it gives more of a satin-y, rubberized look as opposed to a super flat matte look. Here's one coat of Matte-ly in Love over 2 coats of 'Girls Night Out'. You'll see me use this matte topcoat more this week, so keep your eyes peeled! PS. The photo below was snapped with flash.

Now, why CMYK?! A lot of my giveaway prizes and my blog graphics are all 'CMYK' themed in colors, so I thought I'd talk a little about what that means and why I lurve it. I majored in industrial design in college, which is just a confusing way to say product design ('industrial' taken from the idea that consumer products were 'industrialized' for large quantity runs, i.e. mass produced amounts of the same thing). CMYK is a method of color printing using four colors - cyan, magenta, yellow, and key (black). These CMYK colors mixed make the secondary colors red, blue, and green (pretty much opposite of the RGB method and traditional painting techniques/color theory).

I personally really like to use pure CMYK in my print graphic designs for projects because then I know that the colors will print exactly as I expect, instead of color-picking a really interesting brown tone on screen that might print sort of poopy-orange (happens too often because our computer screens are RGB). Plus I really really like the color cyan and it's varying real-life counterparts (lighter shades of bluey-green all the way to periwinkles). Using CMYK in my blog graphics relates my design background to my love of nail art and beauty products (i.e. eyeshadow, give me all of them plz). I think it's also a bright, fun punch of colors balanced with a lot of white space, allowing my graphics to be subdued and let all my nail art and shtuff take all the attention.

So, the rest of the week I have some fun nail art using these colors, as well as swatches of the glitters planned for Friday. I am especially excited to show you the nail art that I did with dotting tools, which is also included in the prize package! The giveaway ends and you can check out this post for all the details + the Rafflecopter widget.

February 25, 2013

The Storage Debate: Helmer vs. Melmer

So you've bought a bunch of nail polish and now you're wondering, where should I put all of these bottles?! No worries, many polishaholics have come before you with the same storage problems! This topic is freshly debated over and over again in almost every nail polish group ever, so I thought I would do a little overview of the different kinds of storage that I've seen for nail polish. First, let's get into the battle of Helmer vs. Melmer, arguably the two most well known solutions to the polish storage problem. I can give you personal insight on this one because I have BOTH! A little bit of background about me and how my ~life style~ relates to my storage: I am a recently graduated college student//essentially broke young adult. I live maybe 20 minutes from Ikea with bad traffic, so I'm there like once a week. Hanging anything on the walls at all is just not an option for me because I'm renting an old house with plaster walls (they crumble into massive holes in the wall from a simple nail =/= cool), so I've never bothered to think about wall racks.

I think the most important things for you, a person seeking a storage solution for your polish, need to think about before doing research are the following: number of polishes to store and/or how many you think you might have eventually, visibility of the polishes (i.e. do you need to see them all the time or can they be hidden away), mobility of the unit, and price range. I guess color/finish of the item is probably also pretty important, but pretty much anything can be spray-painted or decorated into a new color/pattern.

Please also note that I have zero clue about how hard it is to put any of these things together, so I can't help you there (sorry!). My boyfriend enjoys putting Ikea things together, so he volunteers without me asking. They seem easy-ish looking at the instructions!

my two Helmers vs. my Melmer; you can see the difference between the 'whites' here

What is a Helmer?
A Helmer is a small filing cabinet available only at Ikea.
Price: $40 (does not include s&h)
Bottle Capacity: 400-600 (there are varying estimates on these; I think 500 is a safe bet)
Polish Visibilty: None; your bottles are tucked away into drawers out of sight
Mobility: Casters are included with your purchase. You don't 'have' to attach the wheels; the unit is fine without them. I like them for my wood floors and so I can clean more easily
Material: Metal. The pieces come flat-packed; you bend the drawers and make the unit yourself
Colors: 'White' (standard Ikea off-white/cream color, see above), Silver, and Red; smooth, powder-coated surface
Dimensions: 6 drawers; this unit is fairly short and compact - 11" across, 16 3/4" deep, and 27 1/8" tall (shorter than 3 feet tall; it can easily slide under most standard desks)
Note: These seem to be sturdy enough that you can stack them without a problem, but you might have to attach them to the wall (Ikea really likes to tell people that, btw). Also magnets stick to them, which is cool and maybe useful?!

In Ikea stores, Helmers seem flimsy and generally meh - you will 100% have the thought "Uh, this is $40...? This is what everyone likes?" and it rattles a little and kids are running everywhere, while old people are sort of pushing you out of the way to look at the same things as you and there's probably a small dog in a teenager's purse....because you're at Ikea on a Saturday (and yes, these things happen).
BUT! When you assemble a Helmer in the peace and quiet of your own living space (or watch your boyfriend make it for you, whatever) and then fill it with polish, it is very sturdy and compact and generally awesome. The Helmer can slide under desks, or you can make a desk out of it by using two as table legs, or stack some up!

beautiful desk set-up with Helmer legs! (source)

What is a Melmer?
A Melmer is actually a scrapbooking/craft storage system from a company called Jetmax sold at craft stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby. 'Melmer' is a nickname and the store employees will most likely not be familiar with this name, i.e. a Helmer from Michael's = Melmer
Price: $30 - $40 depending on store location; there are almost always coupons or sales on storage, so it is common to find it for $15 - $24
Bottle Capacity: roughly 300
Polish Visibilty: None; your bottles are tucked away into drawers out of sight
Mobility: None? There is an option to purchase a wheely bottom, and you can DIY some casters to it, but mostly it just sits
Material: Painted MDF (MDF is a wood product; mostly made of sawdust and resin, formed into a board). Melmers also come flat and unassembled in a box. I think if there was like a flood, the Helmer would do better than a Melmer because of the MDF possibly falling apart after being submerged in water, but probably not a priority if you have a flood?
PS. The edges aren't super well finished in my opinion because you can see a somewhat bumpy surface where they didn't seal it properly before painting, but that's a minor gripe from someone that's had to finish MDF for a grade before :p
Colors: Bright white, lacquer paint finish
Dimensions: 3 drawer unit; this is essentially a cube of 14.25" in all directions
Note: This single drawer unit alone is kind of awkward, but it's really designed to go with the other units available in the Jetmax scrapbooking/craft storage collection to create larger furniture units (i.e. stack four in two stacks of two to make a little drawer unit, or two tall to make a Helmer-y Melmer, etc.) You can also make cool things out of this, like a desk with Melmer legs, it just takes more units!

I bought my Melmer in a sort of moment of extreme desperation; I knew I didn't really want one because it doesn't fit any of my other furniture. It doesn't fit into the spaces of my Ikea Expedit or my bookcase, and it is too deep and generally large for any of my desks, etc. BUT! I needed one because I couldn't keep 300+ bottles just sitting out in my office anymore, so now it's here. It's nice, sturdy, I got it on sale, and it didn't take too long to (watch it get) put together. My bottom drawer makes an awful noise because it sticks, but I can just wax it. As I've repeated maybe 643 times in this post, these craft storage units are sort of large and bleh alone but TOGETHER they are super awesome. I just don't have the money/time/patience to obtain a lot of these units during sales to make it 'worth it' to me and my poor budget. See below!

Jetmax Craft Storage Units: 2gether is better


  • If you're not near to an Ikea, I don't even know if a Helmer is something to consider because I think the shipping is really expensive...? 
  • I think Ikea Helmers are a great solution if you want to buy something sort of one-off for a medium collection because they hold 2x as much as the Melmer for the same retail price AND they are freestanding (free-rolling?). Also reasonable price always vs. waiting for a sale for Melmers (is it obvious I am impatient yet?)
  • I think the Melmers are advantageous if you're furnishing a room from scratch (like a new office/craft/polish room) and/or have a lot of money to buy multiple Jetmax storage cubes at once because you can combine them really well! I often do not have 'lots of money' at once, or rather I am impatient and can more easily spend $40 once in a while vs. saving to make a Jetmax craft center of epic proportions
  • Edited to add: Someone pointed out that you can get a Melmer from Hobby Lobby with a coupon + s&h for $28 right now and I finally figured out that s&h on the Ikea website is $20, making a Helmer for you non-Ikeans $60. While a Melmer is often half the price of a Helmer, it is also half the storage capacity. Take that as you will!
  • They're both fugly to you? No worries, both of these units are very easy to spray paint or cover with paper, too! Pinterest will guide you with ideas if you're unsure :)

Spray-painted! (source)
Helmer mod-pogd'd (source)

There might be something similar to these products at one of your local stores - just make sure you take your very tallest polish bottle, or tallest item you want to store like a flip-top acetone bottle, with you sneakily in your purse and test out the drawers in person!

PS. I'm planning to do some more posts in this series, including other drawer systems (Ikea Alex), racks, raisers, and other miscellanious solutions I've seen! If you have a suggestion (especially a photo you'd like to share) please let me know by commenting below or emailing me :D Or if you hate this series and never want me to write this many words in one post ever again, plz tell me that, too!

February 23, 2013

TGIF on Saturday! Nostalgic Nail Lacquer As If

Apologies, I ended up doing my nails sort of late last night, so I postponed this week's  TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday!  until today!! This week's polish is 'As If!' from indie brand Nostalgic Nail Lacquer. I remember Nostalgic being one of the first indies EVER and that sort of made me stop and perk my ears up (or rabidly search the internets and then dance with glee while drooling about cool handmade lacquer, pretty - right?). Anyhoo, As If! is from her Totally Buggin' Collection, inspired by the movie Clueless! This is a glitter top coat - is a mix of small matte pink glitters, with satiny white and black glitters in different sizes. Please note this polish does include a lot of bar glitters, which is not for everyone.

look! the pointer finger looks so cool!

So, this polish is pretty cool in moderation!! I really LOVE LOVE LOVE the way it looks over my pointer finger where I applied it in a single stripe - makes me think of a very cool abstract painting or something! When dabbled all over my nail as one 'coat', I find it to be sort of messy and distracting - but I blame this generally on my base colors and nail length. I am excited to try this again with new base colors - light purple? orange? Lighter colors seem to do a better job of showing off all the colors in the glitter (too dark and the black glitter gets lost).

One thing that sort of rubbed me the wrong way about this polish is that it arrived rather un-full. How disappointing to pay $11 for a polish, open the package, and find it looks as empty as if someone had done at least like 3 manis already?!?! This is a thickly packed glitter top coat and a little goes a long way, so it's not like I'll be running out anytime soon, it's just generally disappointing.

snapped this blurry photo before using it; this is how it arrived :'(

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? Love it, hate it, meh it? I really love the way it looks when I applied it sparingly over the lighter blue shade! Not sure if I love it overall, tho.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer polishes are available at the Nostalgic Nail Lacquer store. You can view updates and new colors on the Nostalgic Nail Lacquer Facebook page and more on the NNL website.

I purchased my particular bottle through Overall Beauty, who I really like and recommend. This polish is currently on sale at her site for $6 (here)

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl; she reviewed a polish from Elixir Lacquer yesterday!

February 21, 2013

Blog Sale Special Offer!

PLEASE! Help me get these polishes out of my house!!! So, I'm offering you a deal:

Make Your Own Grab Box//Mailer - a Choose Your Own Adventure in discounted polishes!

Chose either a flat rate box (which holds up to 8 bottles) for a packing fee of $5 + $6 s&h = $11 for 8 bottles ($11.63 invoiced with PP fees)

Or a flat rate mailer (fills up to 20 bottles) for a packing fee of $10 + $6 s&h = $16 for 20 bottles of polish ($16.78 invoiced with PP fees)

**Any of the $1 and $2 polishes listed on my blog sale page are fair game, and I'll also accept one $3 bottle per customer

**this special offer is for domestic USA purchases only, sorry

**If paid before 9am EST Friday 2/22, I can ship out same day (i.e. I'm going to the PO tmrw before noon), otherwise packages will be shipped on Monday

**all of these boxes/mailers include a tracking number

email me: manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com after making your list from the polishes available on  my blog sale page

Please help me out, y'all!

ABC: N is for Nyx!

Today I have my first Zoya Pixie Dust polish to show you!!! I just recently cut my nails back to wittle baby nubbins because I wanted a change and mostly because 3/4ths of the way through the relaxed 31DC my nails were suddenly stained very yellow :( But, because my nails are so short, I only needed two coats for coverage with Zoya Nyx. This is my very first time using any of the textured polishes, so I did a thin coat and then a second, thicker coat. I did not put base coat on any of my Nyx nails since Zoya suggests not to, so we'll see how that works out! You can see a little bit of my staining through the polish, especially on my pointer, so three coats would probably be ideal for this length to convey the base color along with the sparkle. Zoya describes Nyx as "a perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle" and I would agree about the sugared look!

I have two coats of Zoya Trixie on my ring and thumb nails; I did add some matte tc to my ring finger for funsies before snaping these photos. The texture in these is definitely noticeable - it feels like very fine grit sandpaper, but it doesn't bother me. In fact, I love the texture! It's fun to pet. I think it looks more textured than it feels. This is a lot nicer feeling on my nails than caviar beads or rhinestones because the texture itself isn't very raised off the nail very far. And the little pieces are small, so it's not jabby or obvious, nor does it make me want to pick at it the way that a curled piece of glitter poking out of an otherwise glassy surface does.

I love this polish and now I need to get my hands on the OPI ones, too. I'm not as sold on the more 'concrete' texture polishes that have come out (Nails Inc., Barry M, Milani, and China Glaze) because I think the draw for me is that there is depth to the texture with both color and glitter in the Zoya and OPI polishes. Orly is coming out with some 'pixel' polishes that seem very similar to the Zoya ones in particular because they seem to have the same silver glitter pieces in it. I'm sort of dreading and looking forward to taking this off to see if it is indeed more fun than traditional glitter!

Don't forget to check out the other 'N' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! 
Special thanks to Bee for helping my get my set of Pixie Dust polishes <3
See you back here next Thursday for something 'O'hhhh worthy!!

February 20, 2013

MABB Q&A: Favorite Spring Collections?


Each Wednesday, the Metro Atlanta Beauty Bloggers will answer a beauty-related question just for fun! This week's question is...

What are your favorite Spring beauty/polish collections so far?
Ooh, sort of a tough one because I've been avoiding purchasing any of the recent collections!!
Spring polish collections are usually my favorites because a lot of bright-yet-pastel cremes come out and those are my favorites. However, I'm trying really hard to purge my polish stash of things that are similar because I know I play favorites.

My picks from the recent releases that I'm thinking of getting are:

clockwise from top left: Zoya Pixie Dusts (untried, whoops!), OPI Polka.com, China Glaze Budding Romance, and Orly Hope & Freedom Collection (coming out in March) - pretty much the whole collection, but especially the three listed (Peaceful Opposition, High on Hope, Coachella Dweller)

In terms of beauty, I am unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it) Urban Decay's target audience because I almost always get excited about their new releases, no matter how much I "know" I don't "need" more eyeshadow. I like both of the new Oz palettes and the shade Snare from their recent release of 7 new single eyeshadow shades!

Theodora palette, Snare, Glinda palette

What are y'all excited about so far this Spring?

- - - - - * - - - - -
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If you would like to see previous questions and answers, you can do so by viewing the Question Archive here.

If you're a beauty blogger in the Metro Atlanta area and would like to join us, please visit our website! We would love to connect with you!

February 19, 2013

Abstract Sketchy Skittles

I was browsing through my vault of photos of 'nails past' and found these cute abstract sketchy skittles on more rounded nails. It's funny, I always change my mind about what shape I wish my nails are whenever I see photos. I've been rocking square-ish ones so far this year and I think they're maybe my favorite shape... but then again, who knows?! Thankfully nail shape is easy and quick to change if you want (unlike other things I like to change, i.e. my hair)! Anyhoo, here's some cute nailz 4 U

I doodled some random graphics over a skittle set of different layering combos with Sally Hansen DVD. Sorry about the extreme claw position of that second photo; sort of too hilarious not to include, tho, righ?

Now I'm curious, what's your go-to nail shape? And are you into layering topcoat effects like SH DVD? I like them, but forget to use them o__o

February 17, 2013

Wrap Up vol. 5

Digit-al Dozen does Love & Heartbreak Week

Wow, I can't believe how much content I've managed to get published so far in 2013 here on the blog!! I am really proud and excited to be able to share so many cool things with you. Now that the relaxed 31 Day Challenge is over I am finally getting a little break from the near-constant polishing, but don't worry - I still have some fun stuff planned! Recently I've been reading over some of the feedback you've left for me in the Rafflecopter widget for my 500 Follower Giveaway (<- yes, another plug for you to check it out if you haven't yet!!), and I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for being so very wonderful and supportive. I love yew guys! Now let's get this wrap up show on the road :D

Recent Highlights

Current [Less Polish-related] Events
- Working on setting up a freelance page to offer my graphic design services for blogs, etc. - be on the lookout!
- Spring cleaning my house makes me feel like a million bucks! Love getting rid of junk!!
- Have I told you how much I hate my neighbors? I slept with ear plugs last night :(
- Walking Dead is back! I don't really like the show that much because I find it really boring after the first season, but I like hanging out and doing watching parties + it's filmed in Georgia!!

this is a meatloaf hand from a Walking Dead party...

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd
There are some posts you can always count on from me! 
  • Wednesdays: Every other week there's a Metro Atlanta Beauty Blogger Q&A - a fun way to get to know the different ladies in the MABB group! These questions are beauty/nail related
  • Thursdays: ABC 'Challenge' posts are swatches (and sometimes art) of different polishes with names that match the letter of the week. Polishes that start with N and O are up for the end of February (and then it will already be MARCH, OMG, WAT?). This series continues through the end of May (to get through the whole alphabet!)
  • Fridays: TGIF stands for Thank Goodness Indie Friday; this series lets me showcase swatches and reviews of indie polishes! 
  • Digit-al Dozen just finished Love & Heartbreak and we've picked another fun and challenging theme for March! DD weeks are usually the second week of each month and last for 5 straight days of polish goodness.
I typically enjoy taking the weekends off, but will sometimes write/schedule some sort of wrap-up or thought-based post like this one! Tuesdays I like to post EOTDs, which will be coming back BUT I have a great idea to make it more 'fun' for people that don't care as much about makeup - stay tuned! There are also some series like Lust List that I like to throw in occasionally, too!

Free 4 Haul 
So far this month my most important and most expensive purchases have been a new desk and a new lamp for my 'polishing' station!! So far I LOVE it! I used to have a large white table that was gifted to me, but it was too deep and it mostly went unused and collected a ton of junk. Now I have a more shallow, glass-top table for polishing - so perfect! And now acetone spills don't matter nearly as much :)
The Vittsjo laptop desk, Helmers, and wooden chair are all from IKEA (I <3 Ikea). The abandoned light box was an easy DIY from a previous nail mail box; I just don't really like photos taken with it *shrug*

Fun Random Fact: I've been wearing a L'Oreal lipstick called 'Volcanic' the past couple of days and I love how it reminds me of OPI'S Call Me Gwen-ever when I wear it sheered out! Cute coral goodness!! I'm wearing it in this Instagram'd FOTD (yes, that is speckled eyeliner inspired by Illamasqua)

How has your February been so far? Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? Boyfriend and I avoided the VD rush Thursday and went out for dinner on Friday to one of our favorite places; it was really fun!
~ Em