December 31, 2013

Six More Favorite Posts from Manicurity in 2013

You might have seen my first 'top six favorite posts' yesterday. Well, today I'm going to take you ~back in time~ to my top six favorite posts from the year and this time I'm doing one favey post from every month from July to December of 2013. I am a nostalgic person, and I absolutely love the variety of 'best of' and 'recap' and 'omg things for next year' lists that come out at the end of every year!! It's also fun for me to look back in time to see how much I've improved!

7. July saw a lot of creative tape manicures because of the Digit-al Dozen, and while a lot of those were cool and fun my favorite thing from the month was definitely my Patriotic Brushtroke nail art for the 4th of July!

8. August was a month in which I got a little more experimental with my nail length and shape - behold the really long, oval-esque nail time of my life! While I think this shape is fun for a change, and looks GREAT on other people, I've noticed that I really do have a preferred shape and length and plan on trying to stay consistent with it for 2014. Anyhoo, these nails inspired by fashion for August's Digit-al Dozen was my favorite post for that month!

9. September was a WHOLE lotta fun because we did two FULL weeks of Digit-al Dozen designs to celebrate our one-year anniversary! My very favorite nails from that month // all of time are these crazy holographic rainbow hand-placed glitter nails!

10. October is always full of fun Halloween nail arts, and my favorite this year was this spider-inspired busy pattern with Ruffian outline. Loved it. 

11. November started off with a bang - I LOVED doing rocks/minerals week and all 5 of the manicures from that week were super fun to do and seemed to be crowd-pleasers to boot! Probably my very favorite is the amber resin inspired nails because they turned out really well.

12. December is a month when everyone goes ga-ga for holiday nail art (as they should!) but I am never really quite into it. Most likely because my birthday is December 20th and so for the majority of the month I'm really just waiting for my birthday to finally be here >.< ANYHOO my favorite manicure was one from the beginning of December - the sumi-e ink wash inspired nails because I enjoyed painting them so much; a very calm and relaxing technique.

Don't forget to see my other top six posts from 2013 - the ones from January to June!
Did you like these posts?! Or do you have a different favorite? Do you have beauty resolutions for the next year? See mine tomorrow!


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  2. All are fabulous manicures for this year!

  3. Emma the July post is awesome - Happy New Year!

  4. Fantastic manis!!! July knocked me off my feet! WOW! Then I saw September & October...So stunning!!! You have such a great eye and creative style! Love your work!

  5. What a great year! Of your picks (which all deserve spotlight), Feb, April. July, Oct & Nov are my favs. ;) Looking forward to 2014 from you! Happy NY's!


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