December 30, 2013

See my Falling Snow French Gradient Nail Art + Pictoral for Polished Girlz on Work / Play / Polish!

Did you catch my guest post on Work / Play / Polish?! I am so so excited to be one of many incredibly talented ladies blogging for a cause to raise awareness and funds for the organization Polished Girlz. Please head over to >this post< to read the details about my falling snow French gradient nails and see the step-by-step photos of how I achieved this easy layered nail art look (bigger photos than this one, too)! Of course I also highly encourage you to check out the other posts in the series because ermagerd, the bloggers involved are (at least to me) the best of the best on all of the interwebz and people that I totally fangirl about. And duh - if you're not following Leslie (i.e. Work / Play / Polish) yet then I don't know what's wrong with you :p


  1. I liked that one a lot when I saw it on work / play / polish! I love almost all things snowflakes, so it was a given. :)


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