December 30, 2013

My Top Six Favorite Manicurity Posts from 2013!

I am a nostalgic person, and I absolutely love the variety of 'best of' and 'recap' and 'omg things for next year' lists that come out at the end of every year!! Today I'm going to take you ~back in time~ to my top six favorite posts from the year - one favey post from every month from January to June of 2013.

1. January - the 'Acidic Swamp Marble' nails were probably my first like really actually cool watermarble nails that I didn't mess up in some way. I loved these colors together, too!

Runner up: these Blue Starry Night Over the Rhone nails - i.e. fine art made into nail art! One of my favorite paintings!!

2. February was when I hosted a 500 follower post, and I have come SO FAR since then both in my photos and creativity and in the amount of cool internet friends I have acquired. Y'all are so cool!
Hands down (ha ha) my favorite February post was my super, duper dot-tacular Argus Panoptes nail art post!

3. March - I really liked these galaxy nails with my favorite stamping plate image over it! There were SO many fun new ways that people did spacey nail art this year, especially on tumblr. Galaxy nails was one of the first things that inspired me to get into nail art, along with watermarbling after seeing them allll over Pinterest!

4. April - not trying to toot my own horn toooo much, but I did a TON of things I really liked back in April!!! I feel like April specifically was sort of a turning point for me with my nail art; I started putting more complicated things together in the same manicure and it really amped everything up. One of my favorites, and your's too, was this gold glitter background with freehand neon floral print!

5. May - at the end of May something really important happened for me: I finally started using a specific photography set-up that was reliable (and good looking!) for swatches. Not that my swatches were bad or unreliable before, just not as specifically consistent. Anyhoo, one of the posts I am most proud of maybe from the entire year is my massive Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish Summer Swatch-a-thon. Gorgeous polishes!

6. June, oh JUNE! June was a really good month for me! Dexter themed nail art week was SO FUN and I really enjoyed it. And then I was sort of a jerk and did what I wanted with the Digit-al Dozen theme of 'books' and pulled out some fun stuff like 'coloring book' and 'pop up book' nail arts (see all of the 'book week' manis here).

See my favorite posts from July to December here!
Did you like these posts?! Or do you have a different favorite?


  1. I love love love all of these - you've had such a brilliant year xx

  2. These were some gorgeous manicures you created :)

  3. You are amazing at dot-art!!! Love them. The Dexter themed mani it too damn cool.

  4. You've has such a fabulous year! Bah! Oh and I finally am understand the Dexter nails, Netflix is finally streaming it! Wahooo!


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