October 16, 2013

Pretty & Polished Halloween 2013 Collection: Swatches & Review

(Press Sample)

Pretty and Polished has a really great trio of polishes for Halloween this year. I love this offering because there's definitely something for every polish lover in these three different shades! There's one thermal (with glitter), a glow in the dark (with glitter), and a really fun jelly-based glitter polish (glitttterrrrrr). What I love about the collection is that it shows the different sides of Halloween - the fun overload of candy with the glitter-packed Death by Candy Corn, the 'spooky' side of trick or treating with Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the cheerfully bright Glowstick. Take a look!

I swatched everything with butterLodon's Nail Foundation as my base coat and Zoya Armor top coat if you're curious! They're arranged in alphabetical order for easy sorting, too. All photos were taken in indirect Ott Lite ("daylight bulb"), except where stated in the caption. *Products in this post were provided for my honest review and for swatching purposes!

Are You Afraid of the Dark? is a "fun black jelly polish packed with bold glitters". It has shades of teal, purple, and red and features some nice larger-than-usual hex glitters and circle glitters. This polish walks that tricky tightrope of being a black-based jelly - so it has to be sheer enough to show off the glitters, while dark enough to build up to opacity. The base felt a little thin and so the glitters would sometimes catch and clump on each other; I recommend being [more] patient [than I am].

Personally I preferred this over a colored base and found Orly's Decoded, a blue-based medium toned grey creme, to be a wonderful match. This is 2 coats of Are You Afraid of the Dark? over 1 coat of Orly's Decoded.
2-3 coats over Orly Decoded (my ring finger needed moar glitter)

2 coats over Orly Decoded

Death by Candy Corn is a thermal polish that changes from yellow to orange and is "packed with candy corn glitters". Yum, right?! I have to admit that the novelty of thermal polishes is really pretty fun! The description for this polish on the P&P website says that this one might be thick, but I didn't really have problems with it. It is DEFINITELY packed with glitters - lots of hexes in yellow and orange and some white rectangles. Super cute and fun!

3 coats - look at all the depth! yum!

Here's some photos of the polish mid-transition from the cooler orange state back to the warm yellow state. If your nails are longer (or your house is cooler than mine), I think that sometimes you get a natural gradient effect all the time. Please note that my fingers were definitely dripping in cold water for these photos, so that's why they look all wet and drippy and weird :p

Then for fun I layered this over a white and a yellow polish to see what it would look like and if it would change the thermal properties. Death by Candy Corn is very bright and looks great over white, almost like a neon. When layered over a base it takes slightly longer to change in cold, and changes back to its 'natural' yellow state slightly faster.
from pinkie to pointer: 2 coats over Revlon Electric, 3 coats, 2 coats over white, 3 coats

Glowstick is my favorite polish from this collection! It's a very bright green jelly polish filled with different sizes of orange and green hex glitters, AND it glows in the dark!! It is so glowy! I love the effect of it glowing because the base is so bright and the glitters all look dark, so it's like speckled glow in the dark :D I haven't been able to master 'glowing' photos quite yet, so I will try to add some if I figure it out; please see the glow effect here on the Pretty and Polished website. This is such a cheery polish and definitely one I will want to wear year round. HOWEVER my camera is totally freaked out by this polish and it's crazy brightness. The vertical photo below is probably the most normal representation of this polish.

And again, I layered this over a white and a green polish to see what it looks like. I love it over white because the base is so bright and matte like a neon! Gorgeous!
from pinkie to pointer: 2 coats over CND Green Scene, 3 coats, 2 coats over white, 3 coats

Pricing & Availability

These Halloween colors are currently available at shopprettyandpolished.com

Pretty and Polished is also available at their Etsy shop here ($8.50 - $9)

For more Pretty and Polished check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

- - - * - - -

Love this Halloween trio! The formula on all of these was pretty easy. I think if you're a smidgen impatient like I can be the glitters will clump up on each other on the nail, so if you're a little more patient between coats you'll get good, even glitter. All 3 of these polishes were a smidgen sheer for me at 3 coats and might require more coats if you hate VNL and/or have slightly longer nails, but that's all up to personal preference. It's really fun to see two super bright, basically neon polishes in a Halloween collection!! My very favorite is Glowstick, but the other two are equally awesome.

Which ones do you like?!

*I received a press sample for my honest review and swatching purposes. If you'd like to know more about my disclosure policies, please check out my disclosure page


  1. Death by Candy Corn is fab over that gradient!!

    1. It's a thermal, so the cool gradient IS the polish! So fun, right? Also that totally reminds me of Zoolander - "the files are IN the computer...?!" :D


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