October 23, 2013

Messy Gradient topped with SoFlaJo Dragon Heart

To the best of my knowledge, the first time I saw the idea of a color-shift top coat over a black and white gradient was from Mandy over at Chameleon Stampede (see it here) and I filed it away as a "must absolutely do" nail idea. Today I've tried a similar-ish idea using SoFlaJo's color shift top coat called Dragon Heart, from her Year of the Dragon collection, over a messy black and white gradient!

underwater shot

this is mostly what it looked like in it's "static" form - sort of red-pinky

I didn't really intend on this being so messy to begin with, but I let the polish do what it felt like doing... It seemed to not be feeling the 'cloud' manicure I attempted as much as I was! The base colors are two super fabulous Cult Nails polishes - Tempest (white) and Nevermore (black). Tempest and Nevermore are both super fabulous because they are one coaters for me! DID YOU READ THAT? A one coat white polish. Truly.

After I felt pleased with the messiness of my gradient, I topped it off with one coat of SoFlaJo Dragon Heart! Super simple and fast nail art!! The official description of Dragon Heart is "Holographic and red glitter depending on your basecoat, duochrome shifts from red to copper to gold." I feel like the 'standing' color for me is more of a pinky color than red, but I did only use one coat.

The messy gradient seems perfect for this time of October, which I achieved by just using a light touch of the brush straight from the bottle with very little polish on it. I think next time I will definitely go for the more specific shape I had in my mind, and I will definitely do two coats of Dragon Heart. I think two coats will really help bring out the shift of the glass flecks by putting lots more little flecks on the nail (totally logical). One thing I love about the Year of the Dragon top coats over some other color-shifting top coats is that they have holographic glitters that give it some fun dimension!

Have you tried the SoFlaJo Year of the Dragon polishes? What's your favorite way to wear color-shifting top coats?


  1. These look so cool! It is like your polish got torn off at the middle! I love it!

  2. I am absolutely in love with this mani! I will have to try this for myself!!

  3. How did I never think of that!? I like it, stealing this idea.... :D

  4. glittery and grungy at the same time... LOVE it!!!


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