October 28, 2013

Lust List - Hopeful Holiday Edition

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Am I too early to be sharing my holiday wishlist or too late?! I never really know how early is "too early" but I was sort of shocked to see some brands debuting all of their holiday value kits in September (*cough*urbandecay*cough*). PS. Is it obvious that I am the sort of person that waits until like Christmas day to buy presents...? I like to handmake things, for my parents especially, but I'm usually traveling near to the holidays and end up making things at their house right before actual Christmas :p

Anyhoo, I always get to make up ridiculously extravagant holiday lust lists because my birthday and Christmas are during the same week! Here are the things that I want the very most.

  1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette ($58) - I have been really really wanting to try one of these super fab finishing powders, but couldn't possibly narrow down and choose just one to take the plunge with (especially when they are normally $45). This palette gives you a little taste of three shades and I haven't seen a bad review of it yet. Is $58 a lot of money for three powders? Yep. But, Christmas!
  2. OCC Lip Tar All-Star MINI x4 Kit ($20) - Only twenty bucks?! SIGN ME UP. I haven't tried lip tars yet *gasp* *shock* *horror* but I've really been wanting to (totally on my "need to remember to buy this" beauty list). It's like this kit was made for me - I love the smaller tubes and the variety of shades (dat pink), and the price point is pretty perfect. Plus I've read some reviews about how these are almost kiss-proof, and I think my manly bearded boyfriend would appreciate that [for some reason he's not a big fan of having bright colored lips?!]
  3. Urban Decay Vice 2 ($59) - oh. Oh. Urban Decay, you always do this to me! Do I "need" more eyeshadow? No. But this breaks down to only $3 per shade, and there are a ton of colors in this palette I really like. Plus it's limited edition, and you know how that goes.... i.e. on the wishlist it goes!
  4. Tarte Off The Cuff Amazonian Clay Blush palette ($42) - Ermagerd, I was thisclose to tears when I didn't get last year's palette (damn that sounds dramatic, but I really wanted it a lot *waaahhh* #firstworldproblems). This is a great value and the sizes are pretty similar to their normal $26 single blushes. PLUS it is already in a handy palette, so it's super easy to store and travel with. Super want.

As for the Dear Santa collage I made* some more honorable mention products are Inglot gel eyeliners ($12 each, sooo many bright matte colors, huge jars, crazy good value) and the big huge glitter dollop is Deborah Lippmann's Stronger, because if Christmas/birthday isn't a good time to spring for $18-20 nail polish, I dunno what is.

*yes, I totally made that with my magical computer hands so please don't steal it. And yes, I made some snowflakes out of OCC Lip Tars (see more below)

What's on your holiday wishlist this year? Is there anything you think I should TOTALLY add to my list?!


  1. so wish i could get that lip tar kit here!

    1. Have you tried Lip Tars before Ker?? People seem to either LOVE them or HATE them so I'm really excited to try them!

  2. I just got the vice 2 palette, omg get it. It's so amazing. My favorite shade is Toxic.

  3. This is adorable!!! I have the Vice 2 and I love it! I want to try the lip tar but my friend who uses them says it feathers a lot....errr...

  4. Oh the Urban Decay! Yes please! And I love you images! :)


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