October 22, 2013

Introducing Nail News + Beauty Bytes!

Hello my lovelies! I wanted to give you a small update, and specifically to let you know that there's now a handy secondary blog to accompany Manicurity - one dedicated to news and press releases about all things nail, beauty, skin and hair care!!

There used to be a small sidebar widget where I would upload links to press releases but that was the only way you could find the exciting info on new products, so I thought a separate blog feed dedicated to news would be more helpful!

But of course, there's still a handy sidebar widget to show you recent posts from the Manicurity: Nail News + Beauty Bytes blog on Manicurity.com, too!

So go check out the new secondary blog and keep your eyes peeled for updates in the sidebar.

Ps. Don't those new Mischo polishes look fab? Don't miss the post about the brand new polish line launching this fall here!

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