October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween: Zombie Chic

Have you ever been invited to a costume party, only to find out that it's actually...not at all a costume party? Allow me to share with you my super ridiculous mostly-makeup costume that I wore to a party yesterday where I was the only person wearing a costume. The best/worst part? It was a party for employees at my boyfriend's workplace where I got to meet ALL of his managers and associates for the first time ever, and I looked like this...

I LOVE how grey this makeup makes my eyes look

this is my "Hello, nice to meet you for the first time" stare...

YAY! HALLOWEEN! Cute boyfriend is cute werewolf, or himself with a furry hat on 

Plus no one else brought a plus one to the 'party', so that wasn't weird at all. Anyhoo, this is a purple-y version of the MAC 'Zombie Chic' face chart following this tutorial from Makeup your Jangsara and I feel like it's a nice alien/zombie/evil/witch situation. Today I've got some purply-pinky staining, which is really helping my feelings heal about how embarrassed I felt most of last night (sarcasm).

The look was pretty easy to do, though, which is great. And I was so lucky to have that black bob wig! This is my third Halloween using it, such a helpful investment. Because I was using two shades of matte purples (Sugarpill 2am and Poison Plum), it was a little patchy and it might have been easier had I done the original red. Sorry I have no 'nice camera' photos of this look, we were sort of rushing out the door once I was done with it [and my boyfriend thought that standing in front of the comic book art from Ikea would make a "good background"].

Anyhoo, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope you have a fun and safe one :)

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