October 2, 2013

Double the Saran Wrap, Double the Fun! Fiery Saran Wrap Nails Re-Wrapped

This #ManiMonday nail art from the vault is like the Inception of saran wrap nails; the more layers, the merrier! I can't really remember why I didn't share it with you, my lovely readers, when I did it but I think it was probably my inconsistency with photo lighting (I'm picky) and lovingly unevenly freehanded tips. BUT I love love love the idea of doing the saran wrap technique ON more saran wrap and will definitely be trying this layering idea again! Check 'em out!



If these look familiar then you're right! These are from my April Tri-Polish Saran Wrap Tutorial post. The base of these nails is China Glaze Riveting built up to opacity (2 or 3 coats), then the first layer of the saran wrap technique with China Glaze Custom Kicks.

To do the saran wrap thing you take a small amount of saran wrap, or flexible plastic item like a sandwich bag ((I usually use the corners of the plastic baggies some polishes get shipped in)), and lightly dab into your polish to make a pleasing random worn away effect. I've done this technique with polishes that were much thinner and less opaque at one coat, which makes more of the base show through.

After my tips were super dry (fast dry top coat, y'all), I taped off my nails and painted on just one coat of one of my thinner black cremes because I wanted the base to still be easy to see. Then I just dab dab dabbed my plastic baggie again and got this cool effect of a moody gemstone in a ring or something! Love love those layers! Finally I completed the whole shabang with some details done in a gold foil polish.

Do you love this double wrap deal like I do? Have you tried the saran wrap mani yet??


  1. I love this. I think I have all those colors. I am going to have to save this so I can try it out. This would be perfect for fall with the shades it uses. I didn't even notice your french tips weren't even until you pointed it out, I was admiring the way the colors went together and the way you added the gold dots in different patterns on each one. This is really a great manicure. I have never tried the saran wrap technique before. It looks easy and I like the distressed look.

  2. very creative design and all the colors work with eachother, xx


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