October 9, 2013

Autum Watermarble Nails!

Continuing with this week’s loose theme of ‘autumn’, today I’ve got some vibrant watermarble nails to show you! These are maybe a little more bold than what I usually think of when I think ‘autumn’, but I wanted to do something a little fiery to commemorate the changing of leaves. While I am really proud of myself for trying so hard, I’m not too sure about these nails in the end. Take a look and let me know what you think!

Crazy gorgeous colors, right? I used the following: China Glaze Red Satin (red, which looks a little pink because duh Emma, red jellies will do that in watermarbles, derp dap), OPI Call Me Gwen-Ever (coral/orange), Color Club Almost Famous (yellow), and China Glaze Grape Pop (purple). All creams! I also wore a peach based neutral polish as a base color for this. I wasn't sure that I wanted to share these without re-doing them, but I had already re-done some nails up to 3 times and let's face it - if I ONLY featured nail art that I had done that I REALLY liked I'd have a lot less to blog about >.<

My first problem today was that I used paper 'surgical' tape (I had just read that it was more flexible, which is true) to tape off my fingerbits and hoo boy, was it ever sticky! I don't know if my hot bod warmed it up or what, but it didn't seem very sticky when I first put it down, so I didn't do the normal 'press it against your oily hands a few times before using it' that I *should* have done [bad, bad nail blogger]. Why was it such a problem? Because I tried to re-do at least half my nails, of course (I was having some polish problems, using some shimmers that were too sheer)!

Which brings me to my other problem that I regret even mentioning because it's like whenever someone else is all, "Please ignore my ____", and then ALL I can look at is whatever they bothered to point out super specifically (like their dry cuticle or what-have-you) BUT what the hell bubbles? Is this a normal thing? My nails looked REALLY GREAT until I put top coat on, and then it was really bubbly/patchy, like the top coat brushed away bits and let the undies show through. Is it just my top coat or something else I did wrong?! I'm currently using KBShimmer's Clearly On Top (2-free fast dry top coat), but I didn't use any sensitive polishes (like I know Zoyas can sort of melt and react weird with Seche Vite). I floated the brush - or so I thought - so I wasn't really expecting this as a problem.

Anyhoo, let me know what's up with the bubbles if you've had that problem before AND don't forget to check out the other autumn-inspired nail arts today!


  1. This is so pretty I love water marble nail art (:

  2. I think they're cute! I've heard about the bubbles, though! I've never been able to successfully do a water marble so you'rre one up on me!

  3. The colours are gorgeous, I really like this. Oh, and I'm no watermarble expert but if you pat gently on the nails once you marble them to push the water trapped under the polish it gets rid of the bubbles a bit and lowers the likelihood of little holes appearing.

  4. I love how vibrant the colors are with still looking "Autumn". I wish I could help you with the water marbling advice, but I had major fail after fail last night!


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