September 30, 2013

#ManiMonday: Modern Painterly Tiger Stripes using Sally Hansen Blues

Hey hey hey! Today I've got these somewhat "different" striped nails to share with you. If they look a tiny bit familiar, that's because they were the base of my Opening Ceremony NYFW'14 nail art! I found these to be really striking and interesting in person - they look like athletic, modern tiger stripes, so I thought I should blog them [even though they are a lot more minimalistic than most of the other things I do]. Read on for some details about how I did them!

First I started with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Thinking of Blue; it's a really nice mid-tone navy that's a touch dusty and blurple. I like it because it's not super dark and I prefer the creamy creamy look of cremes. Then I fast dry top coat'd it!

Then I grabbed a small angled brush, and simply plodded some stripes on with Blue Me Away! I think the best stripes were ones in which I used the angled shape of the brush as a stamp vs. trying to paint a line. I didn't try to repeat the pattern, I wanted it to be a little more random, but humans don't really do random well so this is what I ended up with :p Pssst. I don't buy 'nail art brushes' - instead I grab large packs of cheap-o craft paint brushes at Micahel's for less than $5 and find different uses for all of them!

Why are these 'painterly'? I top coated my base color, and then didn't top coat after I put on the stripes. I sometimes like the more textured look of non-glossed nail polish; it looks messy in super close photos, but in person I think it's pretty charming!

Would you rock something like this? I thought they were really fun in person and soo easy to do if you wanted to just dress up something else you already had on your nails!

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