July 21, 2013

Wrap Up vol. 6

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Ooooh, I've been a naughty little blogger. I used to do weekly wrap up "in review" posts, and then slowly it became "wrap up sometimes" posts. The last time I did one of these was in February -> insert dramatic shocked face here.

Anyhoo, I was really disappointed I didn't get to blog more often this past week due to an incredible roller coaster of real life events behind the computer screen (yep, happy and aggravating things). Also people at Starbucks kinda give you the side eye about using the power outlet to charge a computer when you're beauty blogging instead of writing a paper or something else "important".  Anyhoo, just wanted to give y'all a quick update about upcoming content and cool stuff!!

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd

  • swatches of some beautiful polishes from new indie brand Classic Films Lacquer! Woo!
  • skincare reviews (Ageless Derma and Own Skin Health)
  • Perlier Lemon Sorbet Crackling Body Water (smells amazinggggg)
  • nails, of course ;)

I also finally got a "before" photograph of how long my hair currently is so I can start testing the sulfate-free Nisim Fast shampoo and conditioner! I'm so excited to try it out and take a ton of photos to see how much my hair grows :p

Recent Highlights

Maybelline Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil review

Strong Stash Starters: I discuss my personal "power color" polishes

overlap'd geometric shapes / circus shapes / textured tips / mind-bending triangles

AWESOME BLOGGING MOMENT = I was recently blog-spot-lighted on Love Varnish, and it was so so sweet of them! Definitely a great end to an otherwise horrible day when I found out. PLUS so many lovely ladies said so many nice things about me in the comments :') Thanks so so so much, y'all <3

Other Stuff and Things

  • currently in the time consuming process of re-photographing everything for another round of BLAG SALE-ing, which excites me very much. I think the new solution I have figured out will work out the best for everyone = yayyyy! Even if I do have to spend forever doing new photos and cropping and etc.
  • Uhm...that's it I guess?

Cool! See you soon, lots of fun new things, yay! Get excite! I am terribly exhausted right this second and I guess I should go for a jog or something since I have too many things to be working on right now >.<

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