July 17, 2013

Strong Stash Starters: MY Power Color

Yes, this mini-series has gone unloved mostly because summer traffic is low, and it puts me in a funk :( I LOVE writing and telling everyone my thoughts about things like "the perfect blue creme nail polish" (there totally is one, btw, and today I'm telling you what it is), but I admit that I am human and don't love putting a ton of effort and pieces of my heart into a post that won't get very much love back. This series started really strong and people seemed to really care about what The Best White Creme Nail Polish Ever is, but not so much the other things. Is it because black creme is boring and you haven't found the joys of a one-coater yet? Is it because you don't love "effect" glitter the way that I do?

Anyway, today I'm continuing the Strong Stash Starters series, which focuses on what I think are the 10 most vital types/categories of polishes to start a fundamental polish collection, and this category is...."Whatever YOUR Power Color is!" i.e. whatever your favorite color is, of course you need it in your collection! Just make sure it's a good one the very best polish of that color. You feel me?

Today I'm showing you MY "power" color and some polish examples of shades I use all.the.time because they are my favorite. Next week I'll do some suggestions of my favorite polishes for other colors of the rainbow that are possibly Your Power Color and maybe we can make some sort of master, super-hero-polish-list 2gether. For me, a power color is basically your favorite color in a magical glass bottle that you love to paint with - the formula is perfect so both painting it on AND wearing it is fun. It puts a smile on your face, you seek it out over other similar colors, you use it alllll the time, etc. Most importantly is that it makes you feel really happy, and good, like a big sigh of relief, because it makes you feel very 'you'.

They're out of order in the bar above, but I'm starting on the left with the darker Pure Ice blue and going clockwise up to the right and then down.
  1. I am a blue person. If it comes in blue (or blue-based minty-tealy-bluey-cyany), that's the one I want. I hemmed and hawed for a very long time, but now that I've made The Decision, I feel very firmly that it is true: Pure Ice French Kiss is my power color. I like painting with it, the formula is always great and easy to use. I haven't noticed any staining with it (or maybe I'm blinded by love to it and I just haven't even noticed). It is a creme, but it has this sort of squishiness to it that I really like. It's not too neon bright, nor too dark navy. It is literally my perfect nail polish. Best part? I can hoard and hoard and hoard like 10 back up bottles because Pure Ice is a mere $2 at Walmart. [Only downside is that I have to go to Walmart, and the one closest to my house is a mess.] This is like the polish I want to pass on to my grandkids. [$ - budget buy]
  2. Coming in at second place is China Glaze Bahamian Escape - the perfect light sky blue creme polish. I bought it as a dupe for OPI's Whats With the Cattitude? which is really hard to find for a price I want to pay, but it's cool because I think I prefer the brighter edge of ChG BE anyhoo. This, similar to Pure Ice French Kiss, is just one of those polishes that is fun for me to paint with. The formula is nice, thick, and smooth, and almost always a one-coater. I love it! I've heard it's HTF? But it's still available on TransDesign.com for a normal price, so I'm not worried. Unless y'all are going to go buy a bunch of it, in which case let me know and I'll pick up a third and fourth bottle ;) [$ - budget buy]
  3. Third place for me is Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. I don't know why, but I'm straight up obsessed with this creamy, easy-to-paint mint lately! I guess I just forgot/assumed that it's beautiful pastel-ness would be a streaky hot mess, but it is all kinds of perfect. Because sometimes it's sort of a risk saying you like mint (like, could you imagine YELLOW being your favorite color, but you're cursed with the one kind of polish that is the very streakiest?! Eek!) Guess what? This is also around the $2-3 price point at the drugstore! Lucky for us mint lovers! [$ - budget buy]
These three colors are my go-tos. I have a whole drawer of polishes that are similarly toned to the above mentioned shades, but I never ever ever use them. I just dig around to specifically use these ones over and over again. That's true polish love! Here are some action shots from recent-ish posts using my three favey colors.

I use ChG Bahamian Escape a bunch, too! under an awesome neon glitter (Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish), gradient for fimo, under holographic triangles, as a blue sky in this ode to 3D fuzzy sheep butts, and moar triangles (also, holding the bottle!)

Apparently I only really swatch indies over Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet? It's cool; I like all of these glitters and brands a LOT :) under an awesome neon glitter (Trelly's M.I.S.C. Polish), under an awesome periwinkley-fantastical thing (also, cat), and with some very cool mini neon glitters

Why are these all so cheap? Am I cheap?! I dunno man, I don't have problems with "cheap" brands. Some people are sort of snobby about brands, but as long as the formula is great and it stays on my nails, I don't care. You know what usually does chip on me? butterLondons, Illamasquas, and RBLs. Not saying I don't also love them and own lots of them. I do. I really like Illamasqua Cameo and Muse very much a lot, but they don't photograph to save my camera's soul and if I have to pick favorite favorites, it's Pure Ice French Kiss allllll the way.

**As an aside, I think Orly's Royal Navy SHOULD be my favorite color evar, but unfortunately it is not. The first time I tried it I didn't shake it up, so it was very boring and none of the amazeballs shimmer got onto my nails. Ever since I just sort of forget what a great polish it actually is, so it never gets used :'( Plus I mostly use cremes exclusively for both nail art and swatching; I think glitter swatches should be over cremes so you can really see what's in the topper (but that's just me, I'm weird).

- - * - -
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Please keep in mind that this series is a combo of my personal opinions (obvs, as is everything you've ever read here) and experience with polishes that I find fundamental. I expect your Top Ten Necessary Polish Choices to be different & I'd love to hear what they are; please leave a comment, chat with me on Facebook, or tweet me about it (@manicurity)!

What's your power color? Classic red, flirty pink, edgy vamps?! Let me know in the comments!


  1. What is my power color...that's a tough question. I think my power color is vampy shades with a hint of shimmer. I always feel strong when wearing those colors.

    I really enjoyed this post. My favorite nail colors to wear are blue, especially cobalt, and mint. I just keep buying up those shades. Unfortunately my favorite color is yellow haha, not good in the polish world ;)

  2. Great post! I guess if by power color you mean color I constantly reach for then American Apparel L'Esprit ( a gorgeous lavender cream) would definitely be one. As for favorite color overall my favorite color is green and I own a lot of green polish. I tend to like Kelly and Emerald greens

  3. Great, now I "need" Bahamian Escape! Enabler! Haha

    My power colour is definitely grey. I used to have a giant crush on NYC's Sidewalkers, but recently I've been loving L'oreal's You Are Worth It (yeah it's a stupid name). They're both subtle and soft, yet bold and unusual :)

    I've been loving these posts btw!

  4. Ooh I just found your blog from someone else's and I am so excited! I love this stash starters thing you have going on. And all the picture spam. I am in polish blog heaven right now. I don't know if I have a power color but I own every green and blue there is. I just can't say no to them. My favorite 10 polishes for right now though in random order are:
    1) Sally Hansen Shoot The Moon
    2) Wet n' Wild Gray's Anatomy
    3) Orly High On Hope
    4) China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On
    5) China Glaze Up All Night
    6) Wet N' Wild Break The Ice
    7) Nicole Hit The Lights
    8) Nicole How Fairy Nice of You!
    9) Orly Choreographed Chaos
    10) Orly Elation Generation

  5. My power colour is definitely blue... more specifically TURQUOISE! And I have been obsessed with two turquoise shades by essie.. where's my chauffeur and in the cab-ana!

    and recently i've been loving mint green so I've been using a lot of mint candy apple by essie

  6. Mint Sorbet is one of my absolute favorites too! The formula and shade is just SO perfect. I think I'm on my 3rd bottle lol. BTW, I love this Strong Stash Starters series :).

  7. Love this series :) thank you for the great info!

  8. Like you, I love everything remotely blue. Bring me a blue/teal/turquoise/navy/cyan/whatever polish and I'm happy :-)

  9. Im obsessed with the sheep one :D
    Don't forget to check my giveaway!


  10. I love your nail arts! I bookmarked this post as inspiration :)

  11. well i love this posts a crapton, so you HAVE to keep doing them xxx

  12. LOVE these posts, E! I don't do art, so I don't have a power color in that sense, but I have worn Butter London Come To Bed Red on my toesies more this year than anything. I love the look, feel, and statement of classic red so much but it just isn't feasible to wear it on my fingers as much as I'd like so my toes get that treatment.

  13. I really like these stash starter posts! <3
    Blue is my power color too (yay!), but we have definitely different tastes. My go-to blues are Revlon Royal, Diosa Vegas Pool Party, and Zoya Natty. :)


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