July 2, 2013

Neon Dotty Garland Nails

Continuing my accidental "interpret cheap DIY home decor from Pinterest into neon nail art designs" theme for this week, today I present to you: simple neon dotty nails inspired by paper circle garlands (like these, for example)!! I wanted to do a design that featured neon accents because you don't have to have all the neon, all the time to be "neon", ya know? And these came out perfectly cheerful and exactly how I wanted! Take a look and rejoice with me!

Manicurity | Neon Dotty Garland nail art
indirect sunlight

Manicurity | Neon Dotty Garland nail art
artificial light (indoors, mix of OTT and compact fluorescent)

Manicurity | Neon Dotty Garland nail art (supplies)

Manicurity | Neon Dotty Garland nail art
indirect natural light

Manicurity | Neon Dotty Garland nail art
indirect OTT lite

The base is 2 coats of Zoya Dove, which always looks like a mess on the first coat and then covers perfectly on the 2nd coat for me. Then I used one of my smaller sized dotting tools and just did consistently sized/place dots across all my nails. I wanted it to have a little flow, so I tried to make it sort of swooping and it worked out well (shock, surprise, rejoicing). The dot colors are Orly Melt Your Popsicle (orange), Orly Beach Cruiser (pink), and Color Club Twiggie (light green-ish). Easy, fun, and adorable!

My photos do look a little weird, sort of like..digital? Like noisy and processed digital photos. I think it's just the orange really freaking out my camera - it's more yellow toned, and lighter in color (uh, neon, too). My camera likes to read it as more of like a coral, but it has a lot more yellow to it. To be uber specific there's an orange dot on the top of my ring and middle fingers in the second photo that are more color accurate, but everywhere else it goes more red/coral toned.

Check out the other designs for this week below!


  1. How pretty! I love that the dots kind of connect with each other too :)

  2. This is so whimiscal! And I love how artsy your photos are :)

    1. Aww, thanks Heather! I've been shooting and cropping my photos a little differently this week, so thanks for noticing, haha :p

  3. Loving the beautiful smiplicity of this.

  4. Simple. Gorgeous. Love it! :)


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