July 12, 2013

Digit-al Dozen x TGIF: Special Ones Lacquer Frantic (and then some)

Ahh here we are at the last day of the Digit-al Dozen Week o' Tape Manis! In the end I found it tough to step away from the triangles, but I tried. For this mash up of DD x TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! I used a brand spankin' new polish called 'Frantic' from an awesome Canadian indie brand, Special Ones Lacquer. It's a glorious mix of periwinkle, purple, pink, and some little holo sparks (I think tiny orange holos?). Anyhoo, if you're like me and you like periwinkle - GET THIS! It's so so so pretty, and there's SQUARE glitters in it, y'all! Check out how I taped it up below!

very florals for Spring, no?! with flash

My base color is two quick coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Mint Sorbet; it's just such a perfect light color to compliment all the bluey-purpley-pinky of the polish while letting all the colors show. Then I dabbled just 1 thin coat of Frantic on all my nails; it's really nicely packed and I think it would build to fairly opaque coverage easily (I really wiped the brush off quite a bit before I dabbled). What I REALLY love about this polish is that $4 from every bottle is donated to help out some adorable Canadian furbabies! I am crazy allergic to cats, but I do like them and Boyfriend loves them, so buying this lovely polish helps my nails feel pretty and my conscience a little lighter.

I admired this combo a lot and went to a movie and generally enjoyed my day, and then I remembered I had to use tape! So I tried what felt like a thousand different ideas to try and get some cool, subtle gradients on top of this involving tape and/or matte top coat and jellies, and they were all doomed [I *tried* to do a gradient with the AA sheer over some random striping tape to get that cool laser-like stripe thing, you know...? Evidence of this attempt is on ring finger :'( ]. So this is what I've got - random skittle set with the greenish American Apparel sheer polish! Sorry for a lackluster end to an otherwise excellent week. I do think this is pretty and looks like flowers in a field. My middle nail bar design is cool and I wish I had done it on all of them!

Check out the other DD Tape nails below!

Now I'm curious, do you have any Special Ones Lacquers yet? Love it, hate it, meh it? I adore these colors together!

Special Ones Lacquer polishes are available here on the Interwebz 
(I bought my bottles on sale for ~$9, not sure what full price is, sorry!)

Also check out Special Ones Lacquer (SOL) on Facebook to get updates

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Hope you have a happy weekend! I saw an afternoon matinee of Pacific Rim, hence this post being pretty dang bad and late, but the movie was REALLY GOOD :D


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