July 3, 2013

Coral + Pleather

Not entirely sure why I decided to do neon CORAL nail art when I clearly had lots of issues with pink and orange so far this week - let's just use a color that is both colors combined?! Cool! Anyhoo, today is another neon + dot situation because I like those things a lot. Take a look!

OTT lamp, not at all color accurate

with flash

with flash

I freehanded the triangles of neon coral, China Glaze Surfin' for Boys to be specific, with the brush from the bottle (I just made sure to wipe a lot of extra polish off, then swiped from one corner to the other = easy). Then I topcoated the whole nail with HK Girl fast dry. Finally I used a handy dotting tool and Super Black Lacquers Murdered Out, a waxy finish black, to do studly dots.

This would have been a great mani had I done this one before the one I did yesterday. Like, yesterday was a winner and I pity all the other nails for this week :-/ PLUS THEN this one was like hair-pulling-out-hard to photograph, and it's been raining all day and bleh. I wanted the black dots to be more obviously different in finish and/or a little bit more raised from the nail, because I top coat'd the neon part and DIDN'T top coat the dots purposefully, hoping the dots would be more textured. I guess I might find some beads or studs to really finish it off?!

Anyhoo, hope your hump day is going better than mine! I'm in the middle of a sewing project, that part where I'm pinning a bunch of stuff [for what feels like hours] right before the quick and easy sewing part. Check out the other neon nailz below!


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