June 7, 2013

TGIF: Lacquistry Gem Show

This week's TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday! is from Lacquistry's Spring line and this jewel-toned glitter topper is called Gem Show! All of my favorite colors and shapes are combined in this polish - a great variety of hexes, some squares, appropriately sized matte diamonds, and tiny bar glitters. I layered this over a skittle set of base colors - check it out!

My Ice Truck Killer nails were the base colors for this funky swatch/mani, but I did paint on some extra layers of each color (I left it streakier and less opaque for the Dexter shoot) before dabbling on 1 coat of Gem Show on each  nail. I typically layer my glitters for swatches over cremes because I think it's easier to see the details that way, but man, this glitter looks really smashing over the glass-flecked Color Clubs especially. So dang blingy in person!! Then I matte'd it so we could all ooohhh and aaaaahhhh together about how pretty flecked polishes look when it's matte, like it's locked in a beautiful polish lake that's frozen over *_______*

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? Love it, hate it, meh it? I'm a huge rainbow glitter fan :p

Lacquistry polishes are available at her Etsy store ($8.75). You can view updates and new colors on the Lacquistry Facebook page
This particular polish was seasonal for Spring, so if it's not still in the store, look out for it perhaps returning next year and on blog sales (I like checking polishsale.livejournal.com personally).

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Have a happy weekend! I'll finally be writing my 'favorite things' post for May this weekend, and then there's a whole week of Digit-al Dozen again next week! Busy busy for me this weekend.


  1. It looks like a fun glitter!! :D

  2. check out my blog & follow if you like :)


  3. This is such a fun manicure for Summer!

    1. Thank you!! Definitely bright and cheery :)

  4. Hey,
    great naildesigne! :)



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