June 3, 2013

Jamberry Jamboree: Red Eclipse

Oh Jamberry nail shields, you fickle little things, you! This week I'm trying out the pattern Red Eclipse. If you've been keeping up with the series, my first attempt was okay with Sour Cherry Pie (here), and my second attempt with Mo Mo was GREAT (here). This third try is probably worse than my first try, so I'm feeling a little meh about the shields at this point. I guess my nail beds are just really thin and awkward, so the shield folded over and was a little bumpy in the middle of my nail at the tip. See what I mean below!
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Manicurity | Jamberry Nails Red Eclipse pattern shield wrap

Manicurity | Jamberry Nails Red Eclipse pattern shield wrap

Manicurity | Jamberry Nails Red Eclipse pattern shield wrap

Since my sample sheet has a variety of patterns and sizes, I'm not sure how the shield sizes I got relate to a real sheet of Jamberry Nails i.e. I don't know that if I purchased a sheet with 9 different sizes if there would be enough pieces to fit my apparently teensy nail beds :-/ This Red Eclipse pattern was the largest shield size on my trial card, but I didn't have any large enough for my thumb, either. Idk you guize. This one was just a little too large for both of the nails I tried it on, so when I applied it starting from the bottom there was eventually a little pocket of folded wrap at the tip. I know that there are other methods, like rubbing the wraps in your hands a lot, or using a microwavable heating pad (like a rice or bean bag), etc. but mostly I'm just finding the shields in general to be sort of less than useful due to the time it takes to apply and the likelihood that I probably will eff it up. The more simple designs like this eclipse one would be easy to freehand and would take less time using a quick dry top coat *shrug*

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PS. How we feeling about the new watermark situation? Yes/no/maybe so? Let me know!

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  1. Yeah, these nail stickers are totally a hit or miss. There fun to wear with their designs every once in a while as a accent in my opinion.


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