June 2, 2013

Dragon Lacquer Polishes and Hand Care: Swatches & Review

Hello hello! I've got a bundle of fun things to show you today - four polishes from indie brand Dragon Lacquer AND three of their skincare items, too! Dragon Lacquer is a new-to-me indie brand and I am impressed. The package I received was really well packed, down to the last details - each polish in an individual plastic baggie and bubble wrapped securely (gotta love a well packed package, eh?). I've got two core collection polishes and two of the newly released Gam3r Gir1 collection which is alllll micro glitter, especially exciting for fans of Floam-ish polishes. Check it out!
*Products in this post were provided for my honest review and for swatching purposes!

This is another wonderfully pic heavy post, so be sure to click thru! There's even a DISCOUNT CODE for y'all at the end!! YAY!

First I've got two polishes from the newly released Gam3r Gir1 collection. The first one is FTW - a microglitter topper with 3 different shades of purple glitter AND tiny holo glitters mixed in. If you're a fan of Floam-ish glitter, you'll want ALL of these. I really love the added holo glitter because it catches the light just right and gives it just that little bit of extra ooomph. I like these polishes at 1 and 2 coats, but I think you could also build it up to opacity if you really wanted to.
1 coat over Revlon Electric

1 coat over Revlon Electric

1 coat over butterLodon Muggins

1 coat over butterLodon Muggins

L33T is also from the Gam3r Gir1 collection and it has a shade of bright blue and a shade of aqua/teal tiny matte glitter, as well as small holographic glitters. The glitters in this polish are a little more similarly colored than in FTW so my camera was really challenged by it! I liked this most over Peachy Keen.
1 coat over black

1 coat over Sally Hansen Mint Sprint

1 coat pinkie and ring finger, 2 coats middle and pointer - over ChG Peachy Keen

1 coat over ChG Peachy Keen

Next are the two Core Collection polishes I was sent to review! One Bad Bytch, left, is an awesome glitter topper and Neon Ninja, right, is a very awesome crelly polish with neon glitters.

Neon Ninja is a white crelly polish stuffed with neon hexes and black glitters in different shapes (bars, hexes, squares). It's easy to build this polish up to opacity; I liked it best at 2 coats in person, but my photo features 3 coats. I've also got a quick comparison of different coats below! The formula was really easy to work with. It does take an extra coat of top coat to smooth it out because the glitters are a little thicker than the base.
3 coats, no base color

3 coats

From pinkie to pointer I wanted to show you how it builds up; no base color on pinkie, ring, or middle, but 2 coats of white on pointer. As you can see at 3 coats on my middle finger the bottom-most glitters get covered up quite a bit, so I prefer it at 2 coats. It looks really great with 2 coats over a white base, too!

One Bad Bytch is a sparse glitter topper with larger hex glitters in black, blue, neon pink, and purple, a smaller size of holo hex, and tiny holo glitters. No fishing required to get the glitters out, and I like the balance of colors and sizes of glitters. It's really cool and the Boyfriend was most impressed with this one!
1 coat over Revlon Electric

I included this macro of my paper test swatch because I felt like it showed off the holos a little bit better!
1 dabbled coat over Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet

Now the hand care items! I took some time to really try these and use them before giving you my thoughts. Typically I use a cuticle oil, then a light lotion, then a waxier product again on my cuticle area to really 'seal in' the moisture before bed. Hilariously, these three products work pretty perfectly for my current regimen, only BETTER. The other absolutely fantastic thing about these hand care items is that you can get custom scents! So neat!! Please note if you have allergies: these products DO contain nut oils! If you're allergic to nuts or latex gloves you might be allergic to shea butter.

Anti-Dragon Skin Butter Creme ($1.75 for a sample, $6 for 2 oz, $9 for 4 oz, $15 for 8oz) 
This definitely looks and feels like real butter, which is sort of funny. I had the unscented version and it smells the very tinniest bit of lemons, but mostly like the ingredients used to make it (Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Sweet Almond butter, Mango butter, Aloe Vera butter, Avocado butter, etc.). This really melts into the skin and absorbs well!

Fluffy Lemon Cuticle Butter ($1.75 for a sample, $4 for .5 oz, $6.50 for 1 oz, $10 for 2 oz)
I like this product a lot! It smells pleasant but it isn't overwhelming, and the scent doesn't last for too long (which I prefer). This starts to melt as soon as you touch it, so I usually scrape a little bit out and leave it at the base of my nail, then I smear it around a little once it's started to get melty. What I really love about this product is that it feels like it absorbs well, and I don't feel sticky or greasy once I've rubbed it in, unlike Lemony Flutter which feels sticky/greasy forever (which is 1.5oz for $16.95, btw ((I'm like in shock here realizing I paid like 2.5 taco dinners for a tub of it, geeesh))). What I don't love about this product is that I canNOT remember to open the tin before I've already put on some lotion or oil, and I find the tin hard to open :-/

Cuticle Oil ($1.75 for a sample, $6 for a .5 oz bottle) - mine is Lavender!
I am so pleased with this cuticle oil! I chose lavender and it smells divine, and it's perfect for relaxing before bed. Much like the other hand care items I got to test, this oil seems to really actually soak in and moisturize (more so than the one I'm using now). Love the blend of oils; there's lots more info about the properties of the different oils used in this custom blend in her Etsy store here.

Pricing & Availability
Dragon Lacquer polishes and hand care items are available at her Etsy shop here 
$9 full sized bottles, $4.25 minis and hand care items vary by size (sample sizes also available!)
For more Dragon Lacquer check out their Facebook


- - - * - - -
I LOVE the Gam3r Gir1 collection, and there is a very similar G33K Collection so I sort of will need all of them... I just love the added holo that gives it a little bit of sparkle to break up the tiny matte glitters!! Actually I pretty much like everything, ever, and I think the zombie-themed polishes look super great, too. This was my first time using more 'artisan' style skincare items, but color me impressed! I love the items I got to try, and I like the idea that you can get your hand care and polish items all in one place.

Which ones do you like?! Have you gotten hand care items from an indie brand before?

*I received a press sample for my honest review and swatching purposes. If you'd like to know more about my disclosure policies, please check out my disclosure page


  1. Amazing swatches. I love how you show a range of bases for each one!!

    1. Aw, bless. I like it to, even if it means I'm swatching way extra :p

  2. Replies
    1. So glad to hear it! They ARE awesome!

  3. L33T is gorgeous! Loved the post! And the hand care items are amazing!

    1. *sshhhh* I prefer FTW of the two, but they're both fab!

  4. Beautiful! Love the swatches! Absolutely in love with L33T and FTW!!

    1. Aw yay! Thanks! They ARE lovely :D

  5. I'm usually not a fan of that very small glitter, but L33T looks amazing over black! So pretty <3


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