June 29, 2013

Bid Adieu to Google Reader, but let's keep in touch!


Yes, it's true that Google Reader is shutting its doors and all of your RSS feeds are now being put out in the cold - or, humid hot weather here in Atlanta, so maybe out of the AC and into the sweltering heat? Anyhoo, there are lots of ways to keep up with Manicurity and "follow" for updates without Google Reader! Let me list the ways!

 BlogLovin' has been recommended as a great alternative to Google Reader. I find it easy to use! Yay!

 Have you liked Manicurity on Facebook yet?! I've been working hard this week [and going forward] to add interesting content that's ~different~ to the FB page, instead of just rehashing the same exact things (i.e. Creating additional content that supplements blog posts but looks really nice on Facebook because they have specific photo sizes for wall posts). There's even a handy 'Blog Feed' tab at the top, so you could read all the posts from there if you wish!

 Google+! I don't really know a ton about Google+ yet and I'm sorry. But it's something I'll be learning more about this weekend, and you can follow me there for updates and we can hang out in circles or whatever :D

 I love Instagram, it's like 90% of the reason why I wanted an iPhone so much! Let's be pals there!! I upload photos of the most stellar blog posts and swatches, plus snap photos of some other things like: my face, sneak peeks at upcoming nail art, 'behind the blog' stuff, beauty products, nail mail, etc. BUT I curate this feed to be blog-centric; you won't see photos of unrelated things very often because I have a personal IG for that.

 Are you on Pinterest? I applaud your self restraint and am jealous of your many hours of free time if you aren't on there! But if you are, peep my boards - specifically my Manicurity board is updates from here! Also related: Nail Polish Swatches and Frankens (a mix of swatches from me and other people) and The Digit-al Dozen (the group board for all of the lovely Digit-al Dozen ladies). For generally beautiful inspiration I've got: Manicure Ideas (from other people), Face Paint (cosmetics), Patterns (future nail art inspiration), and follicles (hair-spiration, mostly curly-wavy because that's how my hair is).

 Take my RSS feed and subscribe to it with a service you like; if it's something new and different that you think everyone should be using, let me know if I can add it as an option on here! I think Feedly  and/or Feedburner are other popular options for blog reading? Let me know!

 Tweet tweet tweet! I'm on Twitter! Are you? Blog updates are routed to Twitter, so it's definitely an easy way for you to keep up with blog posts. Also sometimes I talk about TV I like, but who knows if people care about that? I did have a really lovely chat about the leading lady roles on DEXTER with a stranger once, tho...

 Want less words and mostly just photos? Follow me on Tumblr! The tumblr dashboard is sort of pretty much exactly like Instagram; you "follow" different blogs you like and then the posts show up as one big linear stream in your dash, but tumblr also has video, music, chat, text, etc. posts, too!

 Want to email me every single day and ask how I'm doing? JUST KIDDING. But my email is always available to you if you have a specific question, suggestion, or concern AND/OR if you'd like to use my photos and ask permission first => manicurity [at] gmail [dot] com

ALSO if you have a Blogger account, or would like to use Blogger as a make-shift Google Reader, following via Google Friend Connect [GFC] is still 100% a totally cool option. That's how I read all of the nail blogs I follow; in the Blogger dashboard!

"Okay, okay, Emma, there are SO MANY WAYS to follow you, we get it!" is what you're saying right now. But what if you can't find this post again and want to see all the places I am on the internet? No worries! Let me take this extra second to show you the places on this blog you can click to see more  Manicurity elsewhere on the web.

#1] The header! Right at the top! You can totally click on those!!

#2] The new sidebar rollover image I made that doesn't really look like you can click it for some reason, but you totally can! There's also a spot to subscribe via email now!!

#3] This handy section of the footer where I use words in case the various different renditions of tiny icons are confusing (seriously, why can't BlogLovin' have a better symbol than a + ??!)


I LOVE comments! But pretty please don't leave a link to your blog or website - if there's something you want me to check out, tweet me @manicurity, say hi on my Facebook page, or email me at: manicurity (at) gmail (dot) com. Comments with unrelated links are considered spam and will be deleted.