May 28, 2013

Tri-Polish Challenge: Freehand Stripes Galore!

For this month's Tri-Polish Challenge, I challenged myself to do some ish I still hadn't bothered to try - first was clouds, then some "ikat", and for today I've finally finally tackled The Braid (and also threw in a zig-zag/chevron at the last minute). I also mixed it up and did some different stripey patterns with my newly trimmed striper brushes!! After my laughable last "outline" attempt I decided it was finalllllly time to buy a cheap $5 pack of brushes at the craft store and cut them how I wanted (with help from this Robin Moses video). How did the new brushes do? Pretty well I'd say! Look below and marvel!

You may or may not remember, probably don't so I'll tell you again, that the Tri-Polish Challenge is 4 different manicures using only 3 main colors. For May I'm using three Pure Ice colors Crimson (red), French Kiss (blue), and Kiss me Here (grey). I tried dipping my stripey brushes into the polish bottles instead of doling out a little dibby-dab of polish and then putting my brush into it; I think for the most part it helped. Obviously my lines are still all sorts of wonky, but it looks er...rustic? Cute? Let's just pretend I was aiming for the Anthropologie look. Below are the brushes I used most frequently for this; the top brush (with the melted handle) is from a nail art kit with some scragglies cut off, then two brushes from the cheapo craft store pack I cut down [loveeee the white one], and finally the clean-up brush I use is a tiny round brush [most people use an angled one, but this is ~my special brush~].

Check out the other TPC nails for today!


  1. It's what I love most about challenges: trying something new! :)
    I love it how you went freehand with it all! And love the skittle mani as well! **

  2. I think it's great to try new things and it's not half bad!!! I really love the red and blue with the gray.

  3. Awesome job! It look good :)


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