May 23, 2013

Quick! Rant & Rave: Primers

Just wanted to do a quick post about a recent NAY and YAY I've had with some primers.

RANT: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP) - my first eyeshadow primer evar and my absolute HOLY GRAIL. I grabbed the new tube packaging during a sale a few months ago even tho I was still digging primer out of my old ~genie bottle~ so I didn't get to using the new tube version until recently. I do NOT care what Urban Decay says, this sh*t is not the same! [AND OF COURSE I AM PAST THE RETURN DATE.] With this new ish I crease like mad and my eyeshadow looks equally as bad as if I hadn't bothered with primer. UGH. I'm peeved. I can only assume it's one of those things where maybe the ingredients remained the same 'ingredients' but in different quantities so it could get squished out the tube end more easily, since they totes promise it isn't different?? Regardless, I'm stocking up on the clearanced genie bottles at Nordstrom Rack because I don't like looking a hot mess.

RAVE: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base should work on a longer name? I even left out part of it! Anyhoo, I am recently delighting in this face spackle but it's probably because a.) this is my first face primer, so I'm pretty happy about going from no face primer at all to ooohhh look, my concealer isn't dimply in my gross face pores! and b.) I got this for ~$3 at a Rite-Aid that is closing and had a 75% off clearance sale. Is this the world's best face primer? Probs not. I can still tell I have pores and jars are rather unhygienic (regardless of washing your fingers before sticking them in there) and I wouldn't probably purchase this at full price ($13-ish). But for $3? I am very happy! When this runs out I will probably look harder for the $6 Monistat Anti-Chafing gel to smear on my face because that's less than $13.

Hope you're having a swell Thursday! I have about a thousand things to swatch and write and art and I'm super happy about it. Keep your eyes peeled for the second Tri-Polish Challenge ART later today!

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