May 10, 2013

Matte May x TGIF: Super Black Lacquer Murdered Out - Square'd

For this week's pairing of TGIF: Thank Goodness, Indy Indie Friday!  x Matte May I finally used a polish that actually has a matte, waxy finish - Murdered Out from Super Black Lacquers. Then I played with the finish by doing a tape mani with some glossy top coat. Check it out!
*Product in this post was provided for my honest review and for swatching purposes; the swatch post will be up ASAP!

Murdered Out (press sample) is a really awesome black polish that dries quickly to a sort of rubbery, waxy matte finish which I really like. It is self-leveling if you give it time to dry, but can get a little lumpy if you rush between coats. It is a true one coater if you take the time to paint really well the first time! This is two coats, then I used some painters tape to do a rectangle of glossy top coat in the middle of each nail - inspired by something I saw on tumblr a bit ago [which will drive me crazy until I finally find it, and I've only liked like 2,000 posts on there -___-] (it was a matte red nail with a glossy square in the middle for a magazine shoot I think? lemme know if you know what I'm talking about!) Anyhoo, I really liked these! The glossy part was sort of 3D because I purposely globbed it on in the middle and it makes me think of really subtle baguette-shaped studs! These look awesome in person because the subtle difference in finish is so much more obvious, but photos are meh-ish.

Now I'm curious, do you have this polish? LOVE IT! So excited about Super Black Lacquers :D

Super Black Lacquers ($12)
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I hope you have a lovely weekend xx

*Product in this post was provided for my honest review and for swatching purposes; the swatch post will be up ASAP!


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