May 14, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: A Rainbow of Rhinestones!

You guys. These nails! They are SO GOOD in person but sort of hard to photograph since they don't reflect light as well when they're in a static photo. Anyhoo, these are amazing and like everything to me. I feel like they sort of sum me up in one mani - rainbow, textured, a smidgen edgy, ridiculous, etc. Check it out and fair warning, this is just a smidgen more pic heavy than usual because it's so purrrrdy!

This is fairly simple to do, but stunning! I just studded each nail in one color of rhinestones by placing them in columns. Specifically I did the middle column of four first, then the line of stones on either side and it worked out perfectly (I did less stones on my pinkie, and more on my thumb to fit the pattern proportionally). My base color is Super Black Lacquer Murdered Out, a one-coat almost waxy finish matte black polish (press sample), which is perfect for nail art because it's a ONE coater (yes, I said it twice because it's awesome). This isn't particularly easy to wear - all the rhinestones pretty much immediately get stuck in your hair, eyeball, face, etc. BUT it looks awesome and would be perfect for a concert or birthday shindig or something. Personally I would probably yank all the other ones off once one or two had fallen off, which I don't expect to take very long.

Anyway, love. Love love love this.
Now check out the other blinged out nails for today!


  1. woooooo - I do love this!
    It's like 3D dots! Supertastic! :D

    1. exactly! It was so fun to wear. also, I love the word 'supertastic' :p

  2. This must be heart stopping in person if you think the photos don't do the mani justice. This is gorgeous!

  3. These are gorgeous! I love how they are textured, bling and sparkly all in one mani :)

  4. Replies
    1. thank you! it was super fun until some on the thumb fell off, lol


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