May 16, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: Is Glitter a Color?

While this post is a little later than I intended for today, I promise it doesn't disappoint! This miiiiiight be my favorite mani maybe ever?! At least my favorite since yesterday, which is pretty cool because I feel like I keep topping myself this week and I'm loving that! Something about the combination of techniques and colors in this one mani just really does it for me. It kind of combines a lot of different ideas from everything I've done and seen this week (glitter, jellies, rhinestones, glitter) so hopefully you marvel in it with me, instead of feeling bored! Check it out!

I started with glitter, then added glitter. Hahaha! Two generous coats of Jordana Celebration, a full-coverage purple glitter with different sized hex glitters, was my base color on top of a glue base coat. Then I did some really subtle glitter gradients at the cuticle with Red Carpet Lacquer Jones, a polish with pink, purple, blue, and black glitters inspired by an outfit Penelope Garcia is wearing in s02e18 of Criminal Minds (yessss). THEN I did tape accents with Revlon Royal and New York Summer Hot Purple on my middle two fingers [I wish the triangle where they overlapped was a teeeensy bit more obvious, but it's ok] inspired by this post on Nail Loopy where she layers a jelly on top of a glitter base in a half-moon design. When I wasn't sure if I should tape all teh nails, I decided it was time instead to do even more rhinestones. The rhinestone colors reflect the colors of the accent glitter, Red Carpet Lacquer Jones and I AM IN LOVE.

Tomorrow I'll have ANOTHER fun design with an indie glitter, because it's TGIF! But in the meantime, please check out all the other super fabulous Bling-Inspired designs from the rest of the Digit-al Dozen dames below.


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