April 3, 2013

Spring Essentials Giveaway: butterLondon All Hail the Queen, A England Lady of the Lake, and Sally Hansen Big Money Swatches

Hey hey y'all, I've got some swatches to share with you! These are my own personal bottles of these polishes of course, not the trio of brand new bottles that one lucky person is wining. Butter London All Hail the Queen, A England Lady of the Lake, and Sally Hansen Big Money are all crazzzzy pretty polishes. Check 'em out by clicking the 'Read More' jump link after the collage; I've got lotsa photos and a link to the Rafflecopter widget!

how I look when scattered holos are involved

First up is Butter London All Hail the Queen! bL AHtQ is a really beautiful scattered holo nude which I'm pretty sure is 'work appropriate' (I've never been polish restricted, so I'm guesstimating, but it is really pretty and subtle in person). It looks a little like very light milk chocolate on me, and reminds me of the prettiest beach evar. I used two coats for these swatches and the formula was absolutely lovely to paint with!

OTT lamp

with flash


Next is A England Lady of the Lake, which is a scattered purple holo polish and it's also soooper pretty. I used just one coat for these photos, which was perfect in person (but a smidge translucent in the OTT lamp, lol whoops). A-England describes it as a 'dusty purple' which is accurate, but I do find this to be a lot more saturated than some of it's counterpart 'dusty purple scattered holos' (I'm looking at you, Catrice Dirty Berry). The little shimmer bits almost look like sugar grains in these photos! Another polish with a great formula (if you don't have any A-Englands yet, get at least one because they do NOT disappoint). 

taken with flash

OTT lamp

OTT lamp

Sally Hansen Big Money is from their Gem Crush line of glitter polishes. Big Money has lots of tiny gold glitters and larger pink-toned lavender hex glitters. With my nails being on the shorter side right now, I was pleased with the coverage and opacity with just two coats of this glitter but I would expect that longer nails would want 3-4 (and glue base coat, amirite?). This is really really reflective and beautiful in person! I think this combo of glitter colors is really unique to my stash, which is saying a lot since I buy almost every glitter I see.

2 coats of Sally Hansen Big Money, no base color

1 coat SH Big Money over 2 coats bL All Hail the Queen

1 coat SH Big Money over 1 coat A-England Lady of the Lake

The Spring Essentials Multi-Blogger Giveaway is running until April 4th 12:00am EST (which is really midnight tonight). Please check out the post with all the details about the giveaway and the Rafflecopter widget  > here < !!!

I've got some fab nail art featuring all three of these polishes that'll be making it's way to the blog today, too, so check back l8r!


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