April 9, 2013

Polish Days: Downright Greedy

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Unless you're a saint there's a chance you're guilty of at least one. This month's Polish Days theme is the 7 Deadly Sins and this mani is downright greedy!

There are lots of layers to this mani (6 different layers on the whole nail + some accents)
  1. Glue base coat 
  2. 2 coats of Zoya Yara, which has a really nice formula - really flows off the brush nicely!!
  3. 1 dibby-dabbled coat of Sephora by OPI It's Real 18K Gold Top Coat - this one has nice baby flakies of gold; a lot like a normal glitter topper
  4. 1 dibby-dabbled coat of Zoya's 18K Gold topper, Gilty - the gold leaf is a lot larger in this polish, but if you manipulate it too much the pieces break up into smaller ones (which I do not like) - so be careful!
  5. 1 dabbled and placed coat of Lynnderella's Change - the suspension base in this was incredibly thin and watery and weird so I had to stop and shake a LOT for each nail to get any of the larger glitters out, but those mega huge pieces are amazeballs and worth it
  6. I taped off the ends and painted on some Layla CE 54, a blackened-green jelly base with green glitters
  7. Using a striper brush and my fave silver foil, Sally Hansen Celeb City, I painted a line around the triangle of Layla CE 54 and extended it to the tip
  8. Hilarious photo shoot with gaudy jewelry ensued
  9. You're welcome!
I really really really love this; there are so many layers that the end result is stunning and complex and I could look at it 4evar. Magically I think it still looks really nice together, even tho it's so many things thrown together - a very classy deadly sin. Glue base coat has really been helping me with removal two-fold: one - it is obviously quick, easy, and painless to pull it all off rather than remove with foil for 10 minutes and two - I feel so much happier when peeling off a design I loved/spent a lot of time on because I can simply remove it from my nails vs. waiting (what feels like) forever to watch all of my work melt off slowly into an acetone soaked cotton ball ((sad feels))

Check out the other 7 Deadly Sins nails below!!


  1. Very cool, I love that you put tons of jewelry in your first picture, very fitting :)

  2. love the gaudy photoshoot, and your mani xx

  3. Love everything about this post. The first photo is my fave though!

  4. The biggest reason I love your blog - you don't just do nail arts. You paint beautiful paintings on nails. Beautiful and I love how this looks.

  5. Hy there!! I have found your blog and I'm very glad because you have a lot of interesting subject and you make gorgeous nail designs. I will follow you for sure. If you are in the mood for some nail designs please do not hesitate to visit my blog too. Kisses and thanks in advance.

  6. The depth to this paint job is crazy. The polish looks like it is a deep pool that you could jump into. Well done.


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