April 12, 2013

FTC Shtuff, Deals, News, Tips, Tidbits, etc!

Happy (almost) weekend, beauties! I am sneezing my way through today because the pollen count in Atlanta has finally gotten to me and my head feels a bit like there's a vice on it. Our pollen count is so high it's making records - yay? Why I chose ATL for college (all those years ago) when I have such awful allergies is beyond me. Anyhooo, I've got some fun and also some official things to share with you!

photo by ForestWander on flickr

Official: FTC Disclosure policies have changed! If you're a reader of beauty blogs, which I'm assuming you are because you're reading this, then you're probably very aware that there are new, somewhat awkward and over-bearing guidelines for disclosures (press samples, affiliate links, etc.). I have been properly disclosing thus far, but I do need to check over my policy page and make sure I'm officially saying all the right things (like don't eat polish, I am not a professional anything, etc.). I do have lots of strong feels about how over-the-top I think this is (magazines don't have to comply, O RLY?!?!), but I just wanted to let you know that I know these polices have been changed and I am totes honest regardless of how awkward it is to say I GOT THIS FOR REVIEW all over a post (which I think makes everything looks less honest and wayyy more sketchy, but whatever). I feel like I've always been honest with you guize because that's what I'm all about, and hopefully you feel that way, too! 

HALP! Google Reader?! Don't worry, I'm other places on the internet, too! I'm already on BlogLovin' and I'm elsewhere on the internet as well :)


Did you know? I have been searching EVVV-ERRRR-EEEEE-WHERE in the city for the new Maybelline LE Color Tattoo displays, but then finally I asked someone at Ulta if they were hiding it in the back and if I could please please please have it now. Then I learned something new - Ulta only puts out new displays when their ad flyers change! This new insight makes SO MUCH SENSE because Ulta is always the very last store (in my area) with new stuff out, but they are doing it on purpose because they have a system!! And FYI the new displays should be out this Sunday, huzzah!

Deal alert: SPARITUAL is on HAUTELOOK *now* until 8am Pacific on Monday!! SpaRitual is owned by the same company as Orly and they are like the fancier, older sister polish. I really like their bottles and their crazy comfy, smooshy handles. Their formula is vegan and also great - all of the ones I have are 1-2 coaters. On HauteLook they're all marked down to $6.50 (including the special Gold Collection), which is a great deal because they're usually $10-12. If you haven't signed up for HauteLook yet, here's my > affiliate* invite link < (*If you use my link and then make a purchase I receive a small store credit) Some of my favorite colors are Sacred Ground, Golden Gleam, and Running with Wolves. The Rock and Gold Collections look amazeballs, too!

Deal alert:
The entire, full-sized Julie G Gumdrop collection is currently available on Groupon for $12.99 (46% off of retail)! If you're buying one set there's a flat shipping fee of $2.99, so you can get one set of 6 polishes for about $17 with shipping + tax! There's a $15 free shipping minimum, so two sets = free shipping. If you haven't singed up for Groupon yet, I have an > affiliate* invite link < for that, too! (*If you use my link and then make a purchase I receive a small store credit)

Deal alert: I picked up all 6 China Glaze Glitz and Pieces polishes at Sally Beauty for ~$14 because all polishes are B2G1Free currently and these were marked down to $3 something (from $7, yikes)!! If you had been waiting for the right time/right deal to grab a bunch of glitters that you want but didn't need (oh wait, that's just me) then now's the time!! Also surprisingly, my Sally Beauty has a near-full display of the ChG Hologlams because no one likes them I guess, and I was shopping at my middle-of-the-city location.
sorry, quickie iPad pic!

Deal alert: Storage things are on sale 60% off at Michael's Craft Store, no coupon needed!! I snagged another Melmer for $17+change. If you want to know more about Melmers, check out my snazzy write up about Helmers vs. Melmers!

Deal alert: I Instagram'd some pics of the Revlon Pacific Coast Collection box I bought from Total Beauty Collection and someone asked if it was just for bloggers (girl, I WISH Revlon was sending me goodie boxes!). TBC is sort of like a beauty only Groupon mixed with Birchbox (or sample box of your choice) - they do little discount packs of beauty products, sometimes full sized, sometimes deluxe samples only but there's no subscription fee, you just pick whatever you want and buy it. They also have 'deals' (like $30 for $60 worth of product) and 'buying guides', but I am skeptical of the buying guides because I like to do my own internet research.
Revlon Pacific Coast Collection

Tidbit: Totes into Revlon Lip Butters right now; I've fallen for them really hard! I tried one, Pink Truffle, and I went into Pokemon mode and within a week I went from 0 to 6. Don't give me judgey eyes; they were on sale at Ulta! If you're also into them, plz share your favorite color! I really want Lollipop but it's always sold out or extremely touched already when I do find it :'(

Finally, I just wanted to take a second to say a mighty and heartfelt freaking THANK YOU, INTERNET! I am truly feeling the love this week and I'm so so happy, you guys!! My 'Cats in Space' mani that was pretty much made for Tumblr has accrued over 1,000 notes in a really short time ♥

TGIF! Any fun weekend plans, lovelies? I've got my work cut out for me this weekend with some really beautiful Spring-themed polishes to swatch, but I'm really so thrilled to be doing it; no complaints!!


  1. My favorite Revlon lip butter is Sugar Plum. I'm actually on my second tube of it, and that never happens! Fig Jam is a close second. I also love their Lip Balm Stains, especially the Crush color. Only good if you like your lips kinda hot pink though...I didn't at first, but then they grew on me.

  2. i loved this post! and wowzers on that note count - again, congrats!!!

  3. I'm def going to Sally's tomorrow. I wanted the whole Glitz and Pieces collection but didn't wanna have to pay full price. Thanks for the heads up.


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