April 4, 2013

Flora Tropicana

My fourth 'floral' post (and in fact, my only post left to do this week) is probably the best thing I have ever done on my nails. Ever. Like I'm considering quitting while I am ahead because this is some Dressed Up Nails level sh*t and now I look with sadness at the ideas/finished manis I had accomplished for next week's Digit-al Dozen. How will I top this beautiful, beautiful thing?

L-R: Ultamate Holiday, Love's a Beach, Pink Plumeria, Peachy Keen, Grape Pop, Four Leaf Clover, Splish Splash

Now one last macro, couldn't help myself!

Maybe the secret is the China Glaze, a magical ingredient that combined creates miracles?!

First I decided to give glue base coat another chance, so I did that whole thing and then did 2.5 coats of China Glaze Ultamate Holiday (same color as Angel Wings) and sealed it in with two coats of HK Girl. Then I grabbed an assortment of shimmery neons and cremes and went to town with an orange stick doing blobs near each other until it looked like flowers (I followed the tutorial in this awesome post from Oh That's You). Some teeny black details really brought it all together and ta-dah! I really love this over the glitter base; I think that's what really makes this mani for me. The contrast between holo glitters, shimmery neons, and plain cremes was really awesome together.

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  1. Whoa, this is mindblowing! I love the whole look! Easily one of the best I've seen from you! Very creative design indeed! Love how the whole glittery background contrasts with the colour polishes! Great job, well done! :)

  2. dont quit! just keep doing awesome!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, and gorgeous. That's all I can say about this. Beautifully done, and I wish I'm good enough to do something like this on my nails.

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  5. utter amazeballs - defo your finest hour xxx

  6. How did I not know about your blog until now? :D Gorgeous swatches and photos!

  7. you think that now but eventually you'll top it and this manicure will be a distant memory! very fun colors!


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