April 9, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: Foiled Fish with Rainbow Honey Robot Collection

*some products in this post were sent for review*

Today's Digit-al Dozen post uses all 5 of the foil shades from the Rainbow Honey Robot Collection to make some fabulousy fishy nail art. The Rainbow Honey polishes were sent for me to swatch and review and I've had a TON of fun playing with them! Check out my fish fingers :p

with flash

abstract brush stroke base art | with stamping and glitter

I have been wanting to try the 'abstract brush stroke technique' made famous by Gorgeois (and then Chalkboard Nails with her OPI version) for a long time and the inspiration struck to finally try it! I did one coat of Lucky Bot, the light green foil shade, and then did random brush strokes of all the other colors until I was happy with the pattern. While I was aiming for a 'field of flowers' (for last week, ha) end result, this ended up being just perfect for the colors of a fish fauxnad mani!! I stamped a fishnet pattern with Revlon Lunar and my XL smooshy stamper on all my nails, and finally filled in some random scales with diamond shaped glitters. Somehow I don't have a rounded fish scale image on any of my many stamping plates?! So some shopping is in order ASAP! This was a little tough to photograph because the foils reflect light so much, so it was a little deeper in color in person - like the 'base' photo above.

Check out what the other ladies have for this day of Animal Week below!

*some products in this post were sent for review*


  1. Fish Freak me out so bad - but this mani is gorgeous!

  2. It sinstantly reminded me of the fairytale The Rainbow Fish. :)

  3. those are the perfect polishes for that crazy luminescent fish type skin - love this!!

  4. Abstract brush stroke is one of my favourite techniques in last times... this perfectly matches on the fish scales!


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