April 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen: REPTARRRRR

Ever since I ordered my Alanna Renee Repatar polish I knew that I should paint an actual depiction of Reptar on my nails while wearing the polish Reptar, so here it is! It's making me feel a little meh tho, because I see too many flaws in it (not to mention mucking up a lot of the colors, geesh, self!) :-/ I bow down to all the ladies that make using acrylics look so effortless (Polish Addiction, who did a flawless Reptar tutorial that I followed poorly, and Sonoma Nail Art). I think a brush trimming is in order this weekend! Anyhoo, check out my double Reptar :D

All nails have a glue base (can't stop, won't stop) then 2 coats of Reptar, except for my Reptar accent nail which is 2x SH Greige + acrylic paints. I was really really pleasantly surprised at how quickly and easily Reptar built up to opacity! It is very bumpy, tho, so take time between coats. I love love love the polish and I am so happy to have it! More photos will be taken tomorrow before I remove these because I wasn't doing well capturing teh awesomes without getting too much glare from my diffused OTT lamp and then the flash was really harsh and you get the picture... woof.

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PS. Not sure if I'll be doing a seperate TGIF post this week or not; I totally screwed up my polishing/posting schedule as I had always intended for this to be the TGIF for this week but then switched my original post for today to tomorrow because I thought it looked too similar to yesterday's (a cookie for you if you followed that!)


  1. OMG!!!! I totally remember Reptar when I was a kid :D So cool to see a manicure of it :)

  2. O.O I'm stunned! Reptar is just perfect :) Love it!

  3. This is SO cute! My sister was obsessed with Rugrats as a kid so I'm sure I've seen every episode.


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