April 16, 2013

April Tri-Polish Challenge: Fiery Saran Wrap Nails! (smidgen pic heavy)

I'm sort of low energy today, but these awesome saran wrap nails for the first session of the April Tri-Polish Challenge are anything but! This month's colors are orange, pink, and turquoise so I've chosen Riveting, Fuchsia Fanatic, and Custom Kicks - all China Glaze polishes.

Here's a quick tutorial if you're unfamiliar with saran wrap nails! They are REALLY easy to do and are positively perfect for reviving older manis that need just a little refreshing, since it can hide tip wear and growth at the cuticle end really well. I prefer my first color to be shimmery, in this case Riveting, and my top color to be more opaque. Remember to smoosh a little extra than you think you should because topcoating it at the end will smooth a lot of the color back into place.

Initially I was planning to add some triangle half moons and tips, but I really like it as is ((for now)).
Here are some moar photos for your viewing pleasure!

indirect natural light

OTT lamp



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  1. I do have to try out this technique - your nails look so fantastic!! :)
    Great tutorial also - thank youuu! **

  2. ooooooh! That orange underneath is stunning!

  3. It looks like lava and water so pretty !

  4. I love this combo! It reminds me of copper with a patina on it. And I used Custom Kicks for my turquoise as well! :)

  5. I realize this post is a bit old so I'm not sure if you'll get a chance to reply (or even see it) but I tried this last night and wow was it a mess. The saran wrap would basically take off the entire top layer of polish; it didn't just remove tiny little bits of it at a time. I tried it 4 or 5 times and the same thing happened every time (except once where it had dried too much, and in that case the saran wrap pulled at the polish leaving it raised and goopy). Any suggestions? I'm not quite sure what exactly it is I'm doing wrong.

    1. Hey!! So the problem is it took off all of the second color when you smooshed the wrap, not the base color, right? I use a really small amount of wrap when I smoosh; not sure if you can see the tiny photo in the tutorial, but I bunch it up into a little ball and then just dab the ends of it into the top layer. Perhaps smoosh is too strong of a word, it's more like a strong dab. I have done a few saran wrap manis where the second color I layered wasn't opaque enough in one coat, and then the smoosh effect definitely does sort of take it all off!
      So to summarize my entirely long comment: I would try it again with a polish that is very very opaque in one coat as the top layer, then more lightly dab/tap the saran wrap into it vs. smooshing, which now I am imagining as like, HULK SMOOSH! I hope that helps! And I hope you see this, too :)

    2. Thanks so much for the reply! I think my biggest problem is that I was using entirely too much saran wrap. Like way, way, way too much. I was pulling a strip out from the box and then just balling that up. That and I was imagining that the wrinkles the saran wrap forms when you smoosh it all up was what would be pulling off the polish - like, the ball you form isn't perfectly smooth and I was thinking that the texture of the ball was what people were using. So a holy excessive amount of saran wrap + basically smooshing it all into my nail at once. Not a good look! I'm going to try this again tonight, thank you for the suggestions! :)


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