April 18, 2013

ABC: V is for Illamasqua Viridian

Ahhhhh Illamasqua! I had Viridian stored in my Helmer for much, much too long before I finally took her out and wore her and then OMG. It's really lovely in person, while my photos are only okay. I think mostly because it is 'darkened' my camera freaked out too much and wanted to focus on the bottle instead of my nail bits. Anyhoo, Viridian is perfect and peacockish and shifts a little between green and blue - I think the shifty-ness is pretty obvious in these photos. If you like colors like this, buy it! I was really happy to just have it on my fingers without adorning it with any art for a few days it's just so prettttty.

I also used Viridian with some of my other jewel-toned Illamasquas in a very cool stripey mani, which was also near impossible to photograph correctly. Do you have any Illamasquas?! For the longest time I was like psssh, no way I need a $14 bottle when I can get 'similar' colors cheaper. I was wrong; it's totes worth it!

borrowed from my Jeweled Stripes nail art post

Anyhoo, don't forget to check out the other 'V' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today!


  1. I have only 1 Illamasqua polish, and I love it. I don't know if I can justify spending over $14, considering that my beloved Zoya costs much lower than that. But, I love some the unique shades that Illamasqua comes out with.

  2. Absolutely stunning!

    Ps.: I'd like to follow you through e-mail but I can't seem to find that option?


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