April 11, 2013

ABC: U is for China Glaze Ultamate Holiday

While I somehow have lots of Q and other strange letter polishes (I felt worried about W so I checked ahead) to choose from, my neglected stash list told me I had ONE U polish. Just one. One sole U polish in my sea of polishes. But it is one beeeeeautiful polish that can be worn two different ways, so it's pretty awesome! Take a look at China Glaze Ultamate Holiday.

'texture' - no topcoat

comparison  - tc, texture, tc, texture

2 coats of HK Girl (and still a little bit o' grit)

You might be thinking 'hmmm Ulta-mate? Ulta? My beloved beauty store?' and you are totes right! Ultamate Holiday was a holiday exclusive that China Glaze put out in December 2011, but do not despair!! It was re-released as 'Angel Wings' this past holiday season (2012) and is still really easy to find. The awesome thing about these China Glaze full coverage glitters with the little holo bits (and they've put out quite a few since the initial Ulta exclusive shades) is that they dry quickly to a textured finish very similar to the texture trends of this year. This is very similar to the Zoya 'sugared' look + HOLO! In fact, when I say 'so similar' I mean it because trying to top coat these glitters is a bit of a pain if you're relying on just quick dry TC - two coats of HK Girl and there was still some subtle texture, but I wasn't willing to risk another layer of quick dry on top of everything else.

China Glaze Ultamate Holiday//Angel Wings is a light yellow-toned-gold-ish glitter with scattered holo glitters and it is really, really blingy and beautiful. Re-wearing this polish has re-lit my desire to buy ALL of the polishes like this + the new texture trend inspires me to be free and wear them sans-top coat! That's right, topless!!

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  1. Love the holo in it! Much prefer the polish with a top coat just so that it shines better and I can't believe you only have 1 U polish lol

  2. I was going to say - this looks a LOT like Angel Wings! Haha! What a stunning color.


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