April 4, 2013

ABC: S + T featuring butter London Scuppered, Elevation Polish Temperance and Tettegouche

Today I've got a fun skittle set of S & T titled polishes for you!! I'm combining two deliciously shiny indie jelly polishes from Elevation Polish with a super shimmery flecked glitter butterLondon polish. Take a look!

I did two coats of Temperance, the lighter caramel jelly, on my pointer and two of Tettegouche, the browner jelly, on my middle finger. I found Temperance to be more opaque than Tettegouche at two coats and it was so shiny and looked exactly like caramel candy - yum yum. I slapped one coat of Temperance on my ring finger and one coat of Tettegouche on my pinkie (i.e. I did every other skittles with the two brown jellies) and layered 1 coat of butter London Scuppered on top. Scuppered is very similar to OPI's Warm & Fozzie but with two sizes of green glitter thrown in; it is crazy pretty in person and I love the combo of pink, orange, and green. Apologies about the photos of Scuppered; it is mega shine-tastic and the OTT lamp just kinda obliterated it -__- BUT it does look cool in the bottle in all of these photos!

All of three polishes were pretty awesome in terms of formula. This was my first time using some of my new Elevation Polishes and I was really happy with the formula and opacity considering they're handmade jellies in today's post! I also pretty much immediately like polish that comes in a square bottle because they store better in my Helmer (and that totes matters to me at least a little when considering purchasing things).

Do you dig these brown polishes like Lulu, the creator of Elevation Polish?

And don't forget to check out the other 'T' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today!


  1. I need to bust out my Elevation Polish Brown Jelly Trio- I've had them since January and haven't worn them yet. This makes me want to play with them!

    1. Do it, do it! But I do warn you - Temperance, the lighter caramel jelly might make you drool a little if you like candy. It looks way too delicious!

  2. Wow, those jelly polishes look really cool!

    1. Thanks!! They are fun. Are you a jelly polish fan?


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