March 29, 2013

TGIF: Quickie!

Hey y'all!! Today I have some recent haul Insta-shots and my indie stash to show you quickly. Why quickly? Because it's my boyfriend's birthday and we're going to go celebrate by hanging out at pubs and watching Spring Breakers; he's turning the big 2-5 and I feel like we're getting old! Here we gooooo with the pretties.

I love this neon topper so much I need a back-up!

So recently I've been lucky enough to haul some NerdLacquers! I got five in her first 'back to business' restock and grabbed the 3 new LOTR polishes as well as two older ones I had been wanting (Warrior Ethos being one of them). I also snagged one of the new Star Wars ones in her second restock, But She's Got it Where it Counts, and Untempered Schism which is even more beautiful in person. I've finally ordered from Elevation Polish and really went to town by purchasing during both her 7th AND 22nd restock.  

And here's my indie stash - yes 3 drawers of polish, plus I forgot about the other ones I have stashed in some of my 'htf don't ever sell these, save them in a fire' drawer (like an untouched group of like 30 Lynnderellas that I can't bare to use yet, because I am weird.)

Now I'm curious, have you hauled any indie polishes lately? 
Check out NerdLacquer updates on her Google+
Check out Lush Lacquer on Etsy
Check out Elevation Polish on her Big Cartel

Don't forget to check out Kirsten's TGIF post over at Geeky Owl; she probably has something awesome for you today!

PS. Have you noticed the new design bits on the blog? I really like my little refresh!
PPS. I am only FIVE followers away from 800 which is SO FLIPPIN EXCITING!


  1. So jealous of your indie drawers, lol! And congratulations on (almost) 800!!!!

  2. ooooh! so i like your new header? is that new?!
    and tell me how spring breakers was! im dying to see it!


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