March 4, 2013

Striped Skittles

I've got a fun mixed set of striped nails for you today!! I tried to use an interesting mix of techniques, but it's been really hard to step away from the stamping plates now that I've mastered the XL squishy stamper (fair warning for what's to come this week, aight).

The base color on all nails is 2 coats of Essence Nude It!, a discontinued color from their Colour & Go line. From pointer to pinkie: striped design using a Kiss felt tip art pen, a failed fan brush attempt with a gradient stamped criss-cross design on top with embellished black dots (it looked weird without the black to tie it all in), blue & green sugar spun accent with Ruffian outline, simple striping brush stripes. I really like these all together and I think it's cool and balanced with the more plain nude & black nails on either end of my hand so to speak. The green polish I used in this is CND Green Scene and the blue polish is Sinful Colors Rainstorm (both amazing 1-coaters that you need in your stash if you don't have them yet!).

All week I have some fun stripe-centric nail art for you! Check out my fellow striped friends this week - Kerrie at Pish Posh and Polish, Ashley of Smashley Sparkles, and The (one and only) Crumpet!


  1. The middle finger is my favorite! So cool.

  2. lol you are funny! and this is so abstract - very Emma! xx

  3. I love the ring finger! Actually I like them all ;))


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