March 5, 2013

Jeweled Stripes

Today's stripey nail art is a little more subtle because I've used some of the darker-toned Illamasqua shimmery polishes with black accents. I do like this look overall look and I can see it working very well at a snazzy, more formal event because it's refined and not in your face. I did have to use a flash to capture the design in most of these photos.

I did 3 coats of Illamasqua Viridian as my base; it could have been fine with two probably, but I thought three would be awesome (and I was totally right). It's a very pretty green-blue shimmery shade, and it reminds me of a sexy peacock. Darker shimmery shades like this that never look black are my favorite; I don't care for polishes that mostly look black inside my house all the time, but might maybe look like a color in the sunshine. Anyhoo, I used Revlon Lunar, a blue-based black, to stamp the line pattern and then did some concentric dots on the tips in Scarab, Phallic, Baptiste, and Viridian. I used the white squishy side of the XL stamper for this and for the first time I realized it was all I've ever needed in my stamping life - it really wraps around my nail and gets the design all over instead of just in some places and/or smudging the rest. No idea why I didn't use sooner!!

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  1. I love this manicure. It's so elegant

  2. Love! Reminds me of a circuit board!

  3. Reminds me of a beetle in some angles

  4. OMG i must have missed this when i was porrly - love it !!


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