March 20, 2013

DIY: Brush Scrubber Board à la Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove

Hey y'alllll! I've been a little MIA this week despite my best intentions because I've been nursing myself back to health with lots of tea and Emergen-C and really soft Kleenex! If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen some *ahem* interesting photos today and I wanted to do a quick post about the project I DIY'd. The Sigma Beauty Brush Cleaning Glove has been making serious internet waves lately with the majority of people sort of freaking out about the price - $40 for a textured silicone mitt that looks remarkably like a regular silicone oven mitt. But I recently saw this video from SecretLifeofaBioNerd on YouTube that makes a very similar cleaning object by using a hot glue gun on a waterproof surface to create textures that will help you scrub your makeup (or paint brushes) clean! I pretty much immediately started looking for materials to make my own scrubby board with.

My materials cost me less than $3 because I had to buy a new glue gun, but I already had some scrap plastic and a big ole bag of mini glue sticks. This could potentially be a "free" DIY project if you already have a glue gun (that you can easily find in your house unlike some people...). $3 is a lot more awesome than $40 for my unemployed young person budget. My acrylic plastic had blue liner on both sides so I drew out the patterns I wanted on one side, flipped it over, pulled the liner off and got going (see above).

textures! if you hate it to clean with, you can use it as a filter for photos :p

I tried this out today, too, because I decided it was time all my brushes needed to be thoroughly cleaned and I am really pleased!! It's very rewarding to use this scrubby surface and definitely saves my hands from getting really dry and pruney - I usually swirl them in my palm, which is the way my art teacher taught me to clean out regular paint brushes. Speaking of paint brushes, this scrubby surface would also be great to clean paint brushes that you've used for acrylic nail art (and also just regular art, no discrimination here); not so sure it would work well with nail art brushes that you use with polish because I find it best to clean polish-y striper brushes with acetone while I'm using them. All in all I'm very happy with my almost free DIY'd new cleaning solution!

Here's a look at the different textures on my board, starting with lots of nubs and dots at the top and then working towards more squiggles for rinsing. Yes, my bedroom is that crazy sunshine color IRL and no, I don't know why I thought it made sense to photograph it in there... Sorry for the near blinding photo that I will probably replace later.

yes, my bedroom really is sunshine yellow irl...

fits easily into my palette organizer!

Now, obviously you could also go out and buy an actual textured oven mitt instead of making a board. Having a mitt helps protect one of your hands from getting wet and you can squeeze the water out and reshape the brushes with the thumb of the mitt. I do feel some bad feels that a lot of the Internetz are basically yelling at Sigma; they had a GREAT idea and scrolling through their photos they have obviously put a lot of thought into the design of the different textures and the flow of the design over the surface of the glove (the design is currently patent pending, too). Probably because I'm a trained product designer I just have lots of ~feels~ and respect for the design of the glove. I think it's something I would consider buying if it was even just $10 cheaper. The Sigma brand is known for 'affordable' brush alternatives, so I think that's mostly why people were sort of flabbergasted by the price. Plus I don't know about you but I round a lot so $40 feels like $50 to me, you know? And then it feels absolutely unreasonable for something that looks like a mitt you could get at Target that would also help you bake cookies!!

The rest of the week I'll be doubling up on posts because I've missed a lot of things - Tri-Polish Challenge, ABC Polishes, and I got two beautiful bottles in the mail that would be perfect for Friday's TGIF post. Thanks for bearing with me if you just h8 makeup 4eva and wish the nails would come back - don't worry, they are totally coming in full force the rest of the week :D


  1. i wondered what that odd picture on insta was all about! this is super cool! and reminds me my brushes are totally overdue for cleaning.

    1. Haha, yeah, I think a lot of people say the 'after' and maybe never the 'before'!! It was really fun to clean with :D

  2. Finally someone who actually thinks this is expansive. I see something Youtube gurus saying this is such a good product that $40 is totally worth it?! This is something I can find in the grocery store for a few bucks. Anyways, love this idea. I'm going to get a glue gun and try it myself.

  3. Very cool! Only prob is, like you...I need to go on a big game hunt for the glue gun. Man, I KNOW it's in this house SOMEWHERE.



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