March 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen Does Geek Week! With Designer Geekery

Woo hoo! Another round of the infamous Digit-al Dozen nail art challenge! This week we're tackling the topic of 'geek'. I've sort of split this week up into genres of cult shows/sci-fi things I get geeky about as well as topics that I personal geek over. Today I'm covering my first passion (yes, before nails) - design!

Can you even guess what these nails are meant to be?! They're dedicated to Karim Rashid!! Karim Rashid is arguably the most famous modern industrial designer, and probably the most successful industrial designer pretty much ever - to date he's put 3,000 designs into production. He's well known for wearing pink and white and his modern 'blobject' designs. I repeated the color palette of pink and white (and accents of green) and blobjects with Orly Pure Porcelain, OPI Kiss me on my Tulips, and CND Greenscene. My ring finger has some cool smokey lines made with a fan brush (it was inspired by the photo below).

Don't forget to check out the other nails today! I am so GEEKED for Geek Week!

PS. I've added a new Pinterest function to the blog - you should be able to just scroll over any photo and a Pin-it icon will come up for even easier Pinning :D


  1. love! the color combo is fantastic!!!

  2. What a creative way to be geeky! Love this one.

  3. I love your concept here - your so good about thinking outside of the box! The colors are perfect!


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