March 13, 2013

Bloody Awesome

Today's post is allllll about bloody entertainment - of the vampire and murdery crime kind. I love love love shows about murder! I went to a forensic summer camp once and even contemplated having a career that involved death somehow (pathologist, entomologist, profiler, etc.). I'm also a big fan of The Walking Dead (zombies, but still bloody), Dexter, Criminal Minds, The Following, The Vampire Diaries, True Blood (I watch with reluctance, I feel like it's all been down-hill since the first season), etc. 

Those first photos were extra bloody, so I thought I'd clean up and show you these as more 'normal' nail art.

I love doing nail art in which the messier it is, the better the outcome because I can really have fun! I did two coats of CND Perfectly Bare on all nails except my ring finger, then I matte tc'd them. On my ring finger I wanted to try and do puncture wounds and/or a scratch, so I did 1 coat of FingerPaints Primary Color before the two coats of CND Perfectly Bare + matte tc deal. I think it was semi successful, but I wanted the base below to be red, not just clear/bare so oh well. Then I used a straw that was way too big and some tape that did NOT make a very good barrier and pretty much went to town effing it all up with red. But the end result is pretty perfect and gore-tastic!

Any murder/crime/vampire/zombie TV or movies or books I'm missing that I should know about?! I have actually read some of the True Blood books, the books TVD is based on, the House of Night series, and yes, even the Twilight series. 

Now don't forget the other geeky goodness below!

In other geeky news, did you see that there's a project on Kickstarter to fund a VERONICA MARS MOVIE?!?! Check it out -> here


  1. i love how artfully messy this is xx

  2. These are awesome! There is also the Blue Bloods series.

  3. I love this Emma! I always wanted to go into forensics but for some reason I never did! I love CSI, Bones and Criminal Minds. Just started getting into The Following but so far so good!

  4. This is so freaking awesome! I watch Walking Dead sometimes, and I love the Vampire Diaries - which seems to be getting more bloody by the episode.

  5. I'm a big fan of Body of Proof and really getting into Cracked as well. And I totally agree on the True Blood point.


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