March 6, 2013

Basket-Woven Galaxy Nails

Today I've got a fun combo of two of my favorite nail things maybe ever - galaxy nails stamped with my fave stripey Konad design from the S6 plate! I used the coppery Essie Chrome polish to stamp with, but this was before my discovery of the XL squishy awesomeness, so the lines are kinda less than awesome. I can't wait to use Konad S6 again with my mega large stamper soon!!

Galaxy nails are pretty easy - you just use makeup sponges and blob a bunch of colors together, and they always end up pretty perfectly space. It's important to use some white and black to add depth and highlights, tho. 

Check out my fellow striped friends this week - Kerrie at Pish Posh and Polish, Ashley of Smashley Sparkles, and The (one and only) Crumpet!


  1. Beautiful! And please, where did you get your new stamper?

    1. Thank you!! I got my XL stamper from Ninja Polish many months ago; I think there was an issue with it not being squishy enough recently? But the XL stamper is also on Amazon and Ebay. Hope that helps!


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