March 7, 2013

ABC: P is for Pure Porcelain

Ahhh, Orly has been getting some love in this ABC challenge lately! For this week's letter 'P' I wanted to feature one of my very favorite alternatives to white polish - Orly's Pure Porcelain. While creamy yellow off-white polishes are very popular and less stark than plain white, I find that they can take 3+ coats, which is pretty similarly annoying to just plain white. Pure Porcelain is a very very light pink that I use as a softer off-white, especially in the Spring. I can usually get away with just two coats, which makes me reach for it quite a bit!!

Fun fact: Pure Porcelain was originally released in the spring 2011 Precious collection, and then was re-released as Decades of Dysfunction in the late spring/early summer 2012 Dark Shadows collection.

What's your go-to off-white polish?!

Don't forget to check out the other 'P' polishes Bee and Kerrie picked out for today! See you back here next Thursday for a 'Q' polish - I'm so excited to find some oddly named Q polishes from the other ladies!!


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