February 17, 2013

Wrap Up vol. 5

Digit-al Dozen does Love & Heartbreak Week

Wow, I can't believe how much content I've managed to get published so far in 2013 here on the blog!! I am really proud and excited to be able to share so many cool things with you. Now that the relaxed 31 Day Challenge is over I am finally getting a little break from the near-constant polishing, but don't worry - I still have some fun stuff planned! Recently I've been reading over some of the feedback you've left for me in the Rafflecopter widget for my 500 Follower Giveaway (<- yes, another plug for you to check it out if you haven't yet!!), and I just wanted to say THANK YOU again for being so very wonderful and supportive. I love yew guys! Now let's get this wrap up show on the road :D

Recent Highlights

Current [Less Polish-related] Events
- Working on setting up a freelance page to offer my graphic design services for blogs, etc. - be on the lookout!
- Spring cleaning my house makes me feel like a million bucks! Love getting rid of junk!!
- Have I told you how much I hate my neighbors? I slept with ear plugs last night :(
- Walking Dead is back! I don't really like the show that much because I find it really boring after the first season, but I like hanging out and doing watching parties + it's filmed in Georgia!!

this is a meatloaf hand from a Walking Dead party...

Upcoming Content: This Week + Beyondddddd
There are some posts you can always count on from me! 
  • Wednesdays: Every other week there's a Metro Atlanta Beauty Blogger Q&A - a fun way to get to know the different ladies in the MABB group! These questions are beauty/nail related
  • Thursdays: ABC 'Challenge' posts are swatches (and sometimes art) of different polishes with names that match the letter of the week. Polishes that start with N and O are up for the end of February (and then it will already be MARCH, OMG, WAT?). This series continues through the end of May (to get through the whole alphabet!)
  • Fridays: TGIF stands for Thank Goodness Indie Friday; this series lets me showcase swatches and reviews of indie polishes! 
  • Digit-al Dozen just finished Love & Heartbreak and we've picked another fun and challenging theme for March! DD weeks are usually the second week of each month and last for 5 straight days of polish goodness.
I typically enjoy taking the weekends off, but will sometimes write/schedule some sort of wrap-up or thought-based post like this one! Tuesdays I like to post EOTDs, which will be coming back BUT I have a great idea to make it more 'fun' for people that don't care as much about makeup - stay tuned! There are also some series like Lust List that I like to throw in occasionally, too!

Free 4 Haul 
So far this month my most important and most expensive purchases have been a new desk and a new lamp for my 'polishing' station!! So far I LOVE it! I used to have a large white table that was gifted to me, but it was too deep and it mostly went unused and collected a ton of junk. Now I have a more shallow, glass-top table for polishing - so perfect! And now acetone spills don't matter nearly as much :)
The Vittsjo laptop desk, Helmers, and wooden chair are all from IKEA (I <3 Ikea). The abandoned light box was an easy DIY from a previous nail mail box; I just don't really like photos taken with it *shrug*

Fun Random Fact: I've been wearing a L'Oreal lipstick called 'Volcanic' the past couple of days and I love how it reminds me of OPI'S Call Me Gwen-ever when I wear it sheered out! Cute coral goodness!! I'm wearing it in this Instagram'd FOTD (yes, that is speckled eyeliner inspired by Illamasqua)

How has your February been so far? Did you have a nice Valentine's Day? Boyfriend and I avoided the VD rush Thursday and went out for dinner on Friday to one of our favorite places; it was really fun!
~ Em


  1. Love the speckled eye liner. That looks really cool.

  2. wow such great stuff in this post! xx


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