February 8, 2013

Unicorn-ish + Quickie TGIF starring Happy Hands Motherboy!

Usually when I think of 'supernatural' I think of demons and zombies and the show called Supernatural, but since I feel like I've sort of covered that genre a bit I want to do something cute and supernatural today - so I tried for a unicorn-inspired look. It's nice, but maybe I should stick to zombie gradients or zombie drip nails?!

My base is too many coats of a shimmery purple Sally Hansen polish, with some Essie gold chrome gradients on pinkie and pointer. I used the silver Essie Chrome polish to stamp some stars on my middle finger, and did a glittery accent of 1.5 dabbled coats of Happy Hands Motherboy on my ring finger. I don't totally love everything together, but I do love the gradients and I especially like Motherboy!

This is not my first Happy Hands polish and it won't be my last; I really love the bottles, brushes, labels, and formula that I've experienced so far with her glitter toppers. I've only really bought glitters in a clear base from her so far (mostly because they happen to appeal to me most and are in stock at the same time), but she has some very cool ones with tinted bases too. Bottles might not matter to normal people, but I'll take a square bottle over any other shape every time!

Check out the other ~supernatural~ nails below, including Kirsten of Geeky Owl - my TGIF partner in crime!

Now I'm curious, do you have Happy Hands Motherboy? Love it, hate it, meh it? I LOVE IT but I think it would pair with a different base color much better. Just imagine the Easter-y jelly sammiches one could make!

Happy Hands are available on their Etsy store ($10) and at Harlow & Co. ($11). You can view updates and new colors on the Happy Hands Facebook page and on the Happy Hands blog!


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